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Donkey Kong
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Metal Slug 3
Donkey Kong
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  • **** A. P. B. by kk. Comment: "Ahead of its time." (2012-09-19 23:55:27Z)
  • ***** Pirate Ship Higemaru by kk. Comment: "I like this quirky old game." (2011-08-26 23:58:41Z)
  • **** Super Breakout by kk. Comment: "I definitely played the game a lot when I was younger, but don't know of a high score or even what the average range of scores is for the game." (2011-04-08 09:07:45Z)
  • ***** Super Breakout by skull101a. Comment: "Progressive Breakout game was and is the main coined operated game I have played. If anybody thinks they know of a high score please email me at skull101a@yahoo.com and list the platform (coin operated, PC, etc..) Thanks It been 5 years since my org. post and I can't believe there is no one out there that would comment on my post." (2011-02-20 11:15:34Z)
  • ***** Bosconian by rkain. (2010-08-10 19:05:30Z)
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