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  Game Year Description
E.D.F. Earth Defense Force
1990 No summary.
1980 Clone of Moon Cresta.
Eagle H 1979 No summary.
Eagle Shot Golf 0 No summary.
Earth Dies Screaming, The 0 No summary.
Earth Invaders 0 No summary.
Earth Joker 1993 No summary.
Earthfriend 0 No summary.
ECO Fighters
1994 No summary.
EDF: Earth Defense Force 1990 No summary.
Edward Randy 1990 No summary.
Eeekk 1984 No summary.
Eggs 1983 Free your chicks contained in Eggs while avoiding the Bad Guys.
1998 A fighter starring the cast of Final Fantasy VII.
Eight Ball Action 1984 a Nintendo conversion kit - simulated pool / billiards
1991 Fast paced platform game where you assume the role of a superhero, 8 Man, and take down the villians.
Ejihon Detective Of 1995 No summary.
Ejihon Detective Office
1995 No summary.
Ejihon Tantei Jimusyo 1995 No summary.
El Fin Del Tiempo 1982 No summary.
El Grande 1982 No summary.
Elandoree 1998 No summary.
Electric Yo-Yo
1982 No summary.
Electro-Fun 401 1974 No summary.
Electromotion 4 1975 No summary.
1973 No summary.
Elevator Action
1984 Your mission as Secret Agent 17(code name "Otto") is to find the secret documents behind red doors and then escape in your getaway car. As you travel by elevator and stairs, avoid enemies or immobilize them by force if necessary.
Elevator Action 2 1994 The sequel to the acclaimed 'Elevator Action' with improved graphics and much better playability.
Elevator Action Returns
1995 No summary.
1973 No summary.
1981 A 2- or 4- Player battle frenzy to be the first to destroy the Killer Bagel (actually a Death Star of sorts).
Eliminator 4 1981 4-player tabletop version of Eliminator.
1977 No summary.
1992 Tetris play-alike with a new twist.
Emergency Call Ambulance 1999 No summary.
Empire City 1931
1987 First-person gangster-shooting game set during the Prohibition.
Empire Strikes Back
1985 No summary.
Empire Strikes Back, The 1984 Space - Fly snowspeeders against Empire
End, The
1981 A Stern take-off of Space Invaders
Enduro Racer
1986 No summary.
Enforce 1989 No summary.
Enigma 0 No summary.
Enigma II 1981 No summary.
Entapous 1993 No summary.
Eon & the Time Tunnel 1983 No summary.
Equites 1984 Space - Guide robot through levels
1975 No summary.
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters 1989 Traverse a series of maze like rooms rescuing hostages and destroying equipment.
Escape Kids
1991 No summary.
Esh's Aurunmilla 1984 No summary.
ESP Ra.De. 1998 No summary.
1983 No summary.
1998 Sharp looking shooter in which your ship can equip itself with a large arsenal of power pick-ups and bolt-on weaponry.
1990 No summary.
1989 No summary.
Eto, The 0 No summary.
Euro Champ 92
1992 No summary.
Euro Football Champ 1990 No summary.
Euro League
1989 No summary.
Euro Stocker 1984 No summary.
1998 No summary.
1992 No summary.
Excite League
1989 No summary.
1985 side-scrolling moto-cross game, one player
Exciting Animal Land 1993 No summary.
Exciting Hour
1985 Wrestling classic.
Exciting Soccer
1983 No summary.
Exciting Soccer II 1983 No summary.
Exciting Speed Hockey 1993 No summary.
Exed Exes
1985 No summary.
1985 Space - shoot alien birds
1986 No summary.
Exitor 0 No summary.
Exlsius 0 No summary.
Exodus 0 No summary.
1982 No summary.
Express Delivery 1984 No summary.
Express Raiders 1986 No summary.
1987 No summary.
1989 Shooting and squishing insects in houses.
Extra Bases
1980 No summary.
Extra Innings
1978 No summary.
Exzisus 1987 No summary.
1981 Roam maze and kill monsters