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  Game Year Description
I, Robot 1984 Space - Colour the levels - Destroy the evil eye
Ice Berg 0 No summary.
Ice Climber
1988 No summary.
Ichidanto Arle
1994 No summary.
Ichident-R 1994 No summary.
Idol Janshi Su-Chi-Pi Special 1994 No summary.
Idol Mahjong Suchipai 1999 No summary.
Iga Ninjutsuden 1988 No summary.
Ikari 3: The Rescue 1989 No summary.
Ikari Warriors 1986 Jungle combat with guns and grenades against an army of evildoers. Lots of powerups and an eight-direction turning joystick/knob to control you fighter. Plus you get to jump into tanks! A classic two player reminiscent of Front Line.
Ikari Warriors (Japan)
0 No summary.
Ikari Warriors 3
1989 No summary.
2000 Ikaruga (Literal translation: Spotted Dove) is a vertically-scrolling shooter developed by Treasure Co. Ltd. It is a sequel to Radiant Silvergun, and the introduction says it is "Project RS2".
I'm Sorry 1985 This unusual game from Sega/Coreland features a Japanese plutocrat grabbing gold and returning it to his mansion.
Image Fight
1988 No summary.
Image Fight II 1991 No summary.
In the Hunt
1993 No summary.
Indian Battle
1980 No summary.
Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom 1985 Adventure - guide Indy through caverns
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
1985 No summary.
Indoor Soccer
1985 No summary.
Indy 0 No summary.
Indy 4
1976 No summary.
Indy 500
1995 Indy 500 racing.
Indy 800
1975 No summary.
Indy Heat 1991 No summary.
1977 Put out the fires and save the trapped stick figure in this black-and-white game.
1985 Journey through hell.
Insector 0 No summary.
Inter Stellar Fantasy
1983 Space - Shoot things!
Inter Stellar Fantasy 2
1984 No summary.
1976 No summary.
Interceptor 1976 No summary.
International Cup 94
1994 No summary.
Interstellar 1983 Laserdisc game, sometimes referred to as Interstellar Fantasy.
Interstellar 2
1984 No summary.
Intrepid 1983 Chase and maze game.
Intro Don Don 1996 No summary.
Intruder 1981 No summary.
Invader's Revenge 1979 No summary.
Invasion 0 No summary.
Invasion II 0 No summary.
Invelian Type 106 1981 No summary.
1979 Invinco is a space invaders clone. Sometimes packaged in a multigame with Head On 2 or Deep Scan.
Invinco / Head On 2
1979 No summary.
IPM Invader 0 No summary.
IQ Block 0 No summary.
Irem Skins 1992 No summary.
Iron Horse
1986 Side scrolling platform cowboy train-robber fighter game.
Iron Tank 1985 No summary.
Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road 1989 3 player offroad racing.
Irritating Maze 1997 No summary.
Isaac 0 No summary.
Itazuchienzel 1980 No summary.
Ixion 0 No summary.