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  Game Year Description
JacHammer 1996 No summary.
Jack Pottens's Poker 1981 No summary.
Jack the Giant Killer 1982 Get the giant's treasure and get down the beanstalk.
Jackal 1984 2 Players in 2 Jeeps, collect hostages, shoot tanks.
Jackie Chan 1995 No summary.
Jackler 0 No summary.
Jackrabbit 1984 Collect the carrots
Jail Break
0 No summary.
1986 No summary.
Jam Shifter 0 No summary.
Jambo! Safari 1999 African safari, Crazy-Taxi style.
Jan Jan Paradise 1996 No summary.
Jan Jan Paradise 2 1997 No summary.
Jatre Specter 1982 Space Invaders clone.
Jaw Breaker 0 No summary.
Jaw Breaker II 0 No summary.
1975 No summary.
Jay Tee 0 No summary.
Jedi Arena 0 No summary.
Jet Fighter
1975 No summary.
Jet Pilot 0 No summary.
Jet Rider 0 No summary.
1996 No summary.
Jigoku Meguri (aka Bonze Adventure) 1988 No summary.
J-League Soccer V-Shoot
1994 No summary.
Jo Jo's Bizare Adventure 1998 No summary.
Joe & Mac 1991 No summary.
Joe & Mac Return 1994 The initial concept of Joe & Mac has been totally revolutioned in this pseudo-sequel fill of humor, sexy gags and more damsel in distress than in Joe & Mac. As amusing as playable, try to belive!
John Elway's Team Quarterback 1988 No summary.
Johnny Rock 0 No summary.
Jolly Jogger
0 No summary.
Jong Bou 1987 No summary.
Journey 1983 The first (and last?) rock-n-roll game.
1982 Who would have thought a game with knights fighting on ostriches and storks could become such a classic? Many people attribute the enormous success of Joust to the fact that it could be played either competitively or collaboratively, making it almost two games in one.
Joust II - Survival of the Fittest
1986 Follow up to Joust, quite rare.
Joy Joy Kid 1990 No summary.
Joyful Road
1983 No summary.
1990 No summary.
Jr. Gorilla Kong 1982 No summary.
Jr. Pac-Man
1983 Gobble dots and avoid ghosts
JT 104 1990 No summary.
Juju 1989 No summary.
Juju (Jap)
1989 No summary.
Jumbo Ozaki's Super Masters
1989 No summary.
Jumo Safari 1999 No summary.
Jump Bug
1981 Guide jumping VW beetle through worlds
Jump Coaster 1983 No summary.
Jump Cycle 1976 Jump over buses
Jump Shot 0 No summary.
Jumping Cross 1984 Bike riding
Jumping Islands 1989 No summary.
Jumping Jack
1983 Jump your way to raft
Junction 1990 No summary.
Jungle Hunt
1982 Adventure - Tarzan style
Jungle King
1982 Loincloth wearing character races to save girlfriend. Original version of Jungle Hunt.
1981 You're a centipede trying to shoot other centipedes while navigating through a maze.
Juno First
1983 Space - Shoot everything
Jurassic Park 0 No summary.
Justice Gakuen 1997 No summary.
Jyuohki 1988 No summary.