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  Game Year Description
Ocean Hunter 1998 No summary.
Ochichi Mahjong 1989 No summary.
Off Beat Racer!
1998 No summary.
Off Road (Cut Out) 0 No summary.
Off Road Challenge
1997 Off road racing BAJA style.
Off Road Track Pack 0 No summary.
Off the Wall 1991 No summary.
Off the Wall (Sente) 1984 No summary.
Oh My God! 1993 No summary.
Oh Zumou 1984 No summary.
Oh! Pyepee 1988 No summary.
Ojanko High School 1988 No summary.
Ojanko-Yakata 1987 No summary.
Oli Boo Chu 0 No summary.
Olympiad 1987 No summary.
Olympic 0 No summary.
Olympic 9 1976 No summary.
Olympic Soccer 92 1992 No summary.
Omega Fighter
(オメガ ファイター)
1989 No summary.
Omega Race
1981 Space - zap things around track
One On One 1974 No summary.
Oni 0 Battle with magical creatures.
Onna Sansirou 1985 No summary.
1987 Possibly alternate/Japanese title for Fantasy Zone?
Open Golf Championships 1994 No summary.
Open Ice
1995 No summary.
Open Ice 2-on-2 Challege 1995 NHL Jam. :)
Operation Bear 1987 Operation Wolf bootleg.
Operation Gunbuster 1992 No summary.
Operation Ragnagard (Shin-Oh-Ken) 1996 No summary.
Operation Ragnarok 1994 See Zed Blade.
Operation Thunder Hurricane 1997 High Caliber Machine Gun War Simulation
Operation Thunderbolt
1989 Sequel to Operation Wolf.
Operation Wolf
1987 Pick off enemy soldiers while trying to rescue hostages. Seques are Operation Thunderbolt and Operation Wolf 3.
Operation Wolf 3
1994 No summary.
Opration TIGER
1998 No summary.
Oratorio Tangram 1998 No summary.
Orbatak 1995 No summary.
1978 Raster clone of Cinematronics Space Wars.
Orbitron 0 No summary.
1988 A classic horizontal shooter with excellent graphics and sound.
1987 No summary.
Otomo Ryouran 1998 No summary.
Out Fencer 1989 No summary.
Out Riggers 1999 No summary.
Out Run
1986 A car racing game. Features a realistic steering wheel.
Out Runners
1993 No summary.
Outfoxies, The 1995 A one or two player game in which you choose from a wide variety of characters and battle to the death with your opponent.
1976 No summary.
Outlaws of the Last Dynasty 1995 No summary.
Outline 1982 No summary.
1990 Vertical scrolling shooter.
Over Drive
1990 No summary.
Over Rev
1997 No summary.
Over the Top
1996 No summary.
1997 No summary.
Ozma Wars 1979 Black-and-white space shooter for one or two players.