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  Game Year Description
Xain'D Sleena
1986 space shooter - see also Solar Warrior
Xanadu 0 No summary.
Xargon 1982 No summary.
Xenon 1989 No summary.
Xenophobe 1987 Side view alien shoot-em up.
1983 Space - Fly over planet, destroy Solvalou mothership
Xevious 3D/G
1996 No summary.
1991 Xexex is one of the best shooters out there with really innovative power ups (the arms are cool) and engrossing action.
1992 Multi-player fighting game featuring X-Men characters.
X-Men vs. Street Fighter
1996 A 2 player fighter game in the Street Fighter/X-Men vein.
X-Men: Children of the Atom
1995 No summary.
1989 Strange IREM shoot-em-up with arms! And we don't mean weapons, we mean actual ARMS.
Xtreme Rally 1998 No summary.
XX Mission
0 No summary.
1987 Battle evil robots to find goodies and clear the maze.
Xybots (alternate)
1987 No summary.