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Asteroids (アステロイド)

Released in 1980

Member Rating
***** (3 total votes)

Distributor: Atari
Manufacturer: Atari
Developer: Atari

Mame ROM Info
asteroid, Asteroids (rev 2)
asteroi1, Asteroids (rev 1)

0 x 0
256 / B/W
5 Buttons
Size/Weight of Cabaret
55.0000" x 20.5000" x 24.0000" 190.00lb
Size/Weight of Upright
72.0000" x 25.2500" x 32.0000"
'Asteroids' marquee
game marquee

Game Summary

Space - destroy floating rocks & saucers

Hardware Info

M6502 cpu @ 1 Mhz
* Samples audio

* Information was extracted from Mame, so "Samples audio" may indicate the game has analog sound hardware.

Hardware Platform: Unknown

Game Details

Classic, monochrome vector graphics. Production run of Lunar Lander machines was cut short to get Asteroids into the arcades as fast as possible. Therefore the first Asteroids machines still had Lunar Lander cabinet artwork. Asteroids was the first game to give the player complete mobility within its playing environment and complex inertial controls to master.

Although Space War was the first game to feature a Hyperspace button, it is always Asteroids that is remembered for pioneering its use.

Coinop.org Member Ratings / Comments

***** by kk. Comment: "This game illustrates what you can do to make a fun game in extremely limited resources." 2002-04-14 22:55:43Z

***** by racine. Comment: "I was GOD in Time Square back in the day...1979-1983. Always the high score. Always on top. This game was and still is LASER! Racine" 2001-06-28 00:13:19Z

***** by david2097. Comment: "It's the all time classic. " 2001-10-17 23:53:26Z

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'Asteroids' cabinet photo
cabinet photo
'Asteroids' title screen
title screen
'Asteroids' gameplay screen shot
gameplay screen
'Asteroids' control panel
control panel
'Asteroids' promotional flyer
promotional flyer

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Asteroids. B&W vector Asteroids. Front/side view of Asteroids cabinet. Asteroid Flyer: Front Asteroids Flyer: 1 Front Asteroids Flyer: 2 Back Asteroids Deluxe Flyer: 1 Front Asteroids Deluxe Flyer: 2 Back

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