Released in 1980

Manufacturer: Stern
Developer: Stern
Distributor: Stern

****.5 (2 total votes)

'Berzerk' marquee
game marquee

Game Summary

Robots - Kill or be killed



Hardware Info

Controls: 1 Joystick / Button(s)
Horizontal-mounted Raster monitor
256 x 224 Resolution
Colors: 16 Color

Additional Hardware Info (from Mame)

Z80 cpu @ 2 Mhz
* Samples audio
Custom audio
* Information was extracted from Mame, so "Samples audio" may indicate the game has analog sound hardware.

Hardware Platform

Berzerk hardware

Mame ROMs

berzerk, Berzerk (set 1)
berzerk1, Berzerk (set 2)

Game Details

First robot killing game - featured bad speech and "Evil Otto" - "Fight like a Robot", "Got you humanoid", "Intruder Alert!" etc.
'Berzerk' cabinet photo
cabinet photo
'Berzerk' title screen
title screen
'Berzerk' gameplay screen shot
gameplay screen
'Berzerk' promotional flyer
promotional flyer
'Berzerk' control panel
control panel

"Maybe" Images

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Berzerk Flyer: 1 Front Berzerk Flyer: 2 Back Berzerk cabinet photo Berzerk cocktail Berzerk cocktail #2 Member Ratings / Comments

**** by erikthe10man. Comment: "FYI- the infamous heart attack suffered by the gamer in the arcade in the early 80's happened in a little strip mall video arcade called Friar Tuck's. The poor guy actually got a coronary from the Evil Otto! This arcade closed in early 2003, and was the last of it's kind in the Upper Illinois area (Calumet City), save the Alladin's Castle in Chicago Ridge, which is an absolute joke!" 2004-01-18 16:26:10Z

***** by MJongo. Comment: "My favorite arcade game of all time. Intense action that never lets up." 2010-06-27 14:57:21Z

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Knowlede Base

Berzerk / Frenzy Dip Switch Settings, Pinouts, and more
Berzerk / Frenzy Dip Switch Settings, Pinouts, Memory Map
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\GameTech\Berzerk Tech.html 26379 K - Updated 2002.04.26
C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Test_Equipment\Univid 1000\univid_harness.txt
From: jeff hendrix <> To: "''" Subject: RE: Univid 1000 Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 11:44:51 -0700 Here is a list of the harnesses and what boards they go to, I also might have a few harnesses for trade. UNIVID 1000 harness numbers Atari 101 Arabian 102 Centipede 103 Cloak & Dagger 104 Crystal Castle 105 Dig Dug 106 Food-Fight 107 I-Robot 108 Kangaroo 109 Liberator 110 Millipede 111 Pole Position 111 Pole Position II 112 Xevious Ce
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Test_Equipment\Univid 1000\univid_harness.txt 2735 K - Updated 2005.09.18
Berserk Stern Electronics, 1980 Berzerk Option Switch Settings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Option switches are located on the ZPU-1000 board. There are 5 banks of 8-pos DIP switches. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Option ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Location F2 (#3-6 not used)
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\GameTech\Berserk.txt 8340 K - Updated 1994.12.21
Berserk Stern Electronics, 1980 Berzerk Option Switch Settings --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------- Option switches are located on the ZPU-1000 board. There are 5 banks of 8-pos DIP switches. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Option --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------- Location F2 (#3-6 not used) -
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\GameTech\Switch Settings\PDF\B\Berserk_DIP.pdf 5997 K - Updated 2003.11.16
Berzerk, Stern 1980 ------------------- The complete boardset includes these 6 boards: ZPU-1000 [CPU/ROMs] SB-1000 [Amp] VSU-1000 [Sound/Voice] BSC-1000 [Video] VFB-1000 [Video + Controls] RCR-1000 [Interface Board to controls + video] Here is the board layout: If you lay down the boards exactly like the diagram, all the game bus connectors align themselves. The games bus connectors are all 23-pin small-width MTA connectors, except for two 18-pin small-width
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Pinouts\Berzerk.txt 19686 K - Updated 2003.01.06
'H','R','B','Computer Space','Nutting Assoc',1971 'H','R','B','Pong','Atari',1972 'H','R','B','Astro Hockey','Brunswick',1973 'H','R','B','Astro Race','Taito(japan)',1973 'H','R','B','Davis Cup','Taito(japan)',1973 'H','R','B','Elepong','Taito(japan)',1973 'U','R','B','Elimination','Atari/Kee',1973 'H','R','B','Gotcha','Atari',1973 'H','R','C','Gotcha Color','Atari',1973 'H','R','B','Hockey','Ramtek',1973 'H','R','B','Hockey TV','Sega(japan)',1973 'H','R','B','Leader','Midway',1973 'H','R','B','
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\GameTech\ListByYear.txt 17968 K - Updated 1999.07.10
The Bronze Age (1971 to 1980) Video Game List
Vers 2.7 May 12, 1998 additions/corrections to and Note: Date may either be release date, date from a manual or schematic, or the date that a game appears in a publication Monitor Type ------------ H-- = Horizontal V-- = Vertical -R- = Raster -V- = Vector --B = B&W --O = Color Overlay --C = Color --P = Projection Name Manuf Date uP Man/ROM # ---- ----- -
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\FAQs\LIST-BronzeAgebyYear.html 30874 K - Updated 1999.10.29

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