Atari Football (フットボール)

Released in 1978

Developer: Atari
Distributor: Kee
Manufacturer: Atari
Distributor: Atari

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Game Summary

Black-and-white head-to-head football for two or four players. First arcade game to use a trackball as the controller.



Hardware Info

Controls: Trakball / Button(s)
Horizontal-mounted Raster monitor
304 x 256 Resolution
Colors: 3 B/W


30.0000" x 44.0000" x 25.2500" 250.00lb Cocktail

Additional Hardware Info (from Mame)

M6502 cpu
DAC audio
DAC audio
DAC audio

Mame ROMs

atarifb4, Atari Football (4 players)

Game Details

An early game for two or four players. Players stand across a table and each controls their players with a trackball and a button to select plays.

In the two-player version, one player is offense, the other defense. In the four-player, one person plays quarterback, the other receiver when on offense. Football players on screen are represented by x's and o's.

'Atari Football' cabinet photo
cabinet photo
'Atari Football' promotional flyer
promotional flyer
'Atari Football' control panel
control panel

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4 Player Football Flyer: 2 Back 4 Player Football Flyer: 1 Front Member Ratings / Comments

**** by jonny_street. Comment: "After playing this, it felt like you really had a 400 yd passing game. We would move the cabinet further from the wall, because by half time you arm was getting ready to fall off. You either used your other hand or stood to the side of the game so your right-hand & arm were moving in a different direction. It only offered 4 different plays on both offense & defense and the graphics were simple "X's & O's", but there was nothing else like it!!! Madden just recently retired and the only other football games were electric, with vibrating plastic players that went around in circles. This game not only let you control the action, you had to physically make it happen. There have been no other games, except the 4-man that will challenge your physical stamina as Atari Football. When the 4-man unit came out, this unit was given to me and became the 1st Video Game in my collection, which is still operating in my Rec-Rm today!!" 2003-04-20 02:38:04Z

***** by elmcitystu. Comment: "A true classic, I bought one on eBay a couple of years ago, and it's still working. I need some competition! I'm in Northern NJ - e-mail me at elmcitystu(at) if you want to play." 2006-02-28 22:07:41Z

**** by rdj3. Comment: "this game was a hit for me and 3 other friends now i want one for my kids!" 2005-01-05 20:14:13Z

**** by cyclone. Comment: "I just purchased one on e-bay and really forgot how much I enjoyed this game. It is a workout and something my son enjoys now too. I am in need of another button for the play selection but can't seem to find one. I would love some help. Thanks" 2006-01-23 15:54:06Z

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Atari's Football (C)1978, 2 player version. ------------------------------------------- Note: Pins listed as (L) are marked as active low. 44 position edge connector: Pin Description Color ---- ------------------------------ --------- 1 16.5 VCT GND R/GN A 16.5 VCT GND R/GN 2 +10V Unreg R/BK B +10V Unreg R/BK 3 Watchdog Disable
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