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Gauntlet-style shoot-em-eup.
Quartet II
Gauntlet-style shoot-em-up. Sequel to Quartet.
Gauntlet II
Sequel to Gauntlet. Multiplayer (up to 4) exploration/shooting game with RPG elements. More varied monsters/walls/items and higher difficulty than its predecessor.
Multiplayer (up to 4) exploration/shooting game with RPG elements.
Gauntlet Legends
The modern sequel to Atari's medieval fantasy hit, now in 3D.
Super Contra
Sequel to Gryzor/Contra. Featured horizontal scrolling and Gauntlet-style overhead view levels. Pages

The National Coin-Op and Video Game Museum The List of Games Mike Ross visited the musem and posted a list of all the games to, something I forgot to do. Thanks, Mike! When all the pictures are on this site, I'll add links from the names here to the pictures I've taken. I have photos of at least half of these games...
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Gauntlet II control panel Gauntlet II cabinet - anyone have a better photo?

Knowledge Base

/kb_dl.aspx/KB/historical documents/atari games vaxmail/vax85.txt
Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1985 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: KIM::SHEPPERD 4-JAN-1985 17:20 To: @SYS$MAIL:JUNK.UAF Subj: Printer in Rains's area There is another printer hooked up now in the phone closet near Rains's office. It's known as RAINS$PRINT and if you want it to be the default printer for you then put the following in your LOGIN.COM file: $ ASS 'f$log("RAINS$PRINT")' SYS$PRINT The physical name is TXD5:, but I advise
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/historical documents/atari games vaxmail/vax85.txt - 233 K - Updated 2004.09.13
/kb_dl.aspx/KB/historical documents/atari games vaxmail/vax86.txt
Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1986 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: ERNIE::GRAHAM 2-JAN-1986 10:21:33.70 To: @SYS$MAIL:JUNK CC: Subj: ATARI GAMES 401-K PLAN John Klein asked me to put the following memo out on junk mail: TO: All Employees FROM: John Klein/Dennis Wood We are quite pleased to report that our 401-K Plan has gotten off to an excellent start. As of today we had 118 employees making contributions to the Plan. We encoura
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/historical documents/atari games vaxmail/vax86.txt - 342 K - Updated 2004.09.13
/kb_dl.aspx/KB/historical documents/atari games vaxmail/vax87.txt
Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1987 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: KIM::RAINS 2-JAN-1987 10:27:26.19 To: @sys$mail:engineer CC: Subj: Computer Health Note #3 VAX-edrin Headache #3 You've been poking around somewhere in another directory (something like SYS$USERDISK:[FRED.STUFF.MORESTUFF.EVENMORESTUFF]) and now you have found something you want to get back to or reference with out so much directory name baggage. Sure, it doesn't
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/historical documents/atari games vaxmail/vax87.txt - 271 K - Updated 2004.09.13
Arcade Game Cheats
--- 720 --- (Contributor: unknown) In the ramp section, levels 8, 9, and 10: holding down the kick and jump buttons simultanously on the lip of the ramp will boost your air. This trick only works when you're going the correct speed (usually your third or fourth jump), and only once (as far as I can tell) per ramp session per level. ----------- Afterburner ----------- (Contributor: Anthony D. Chen) key: S - start button V - vulcan cannon M - missle F - foot sensor (only on sit-down version) stag
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/faqs/faq-arcade cheats.html - 112 K - Updated 1999.10.30
/kb_dl.aspx/KB/historical documents/atari games vaxmail/vax88.txt
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/historical documents/atari games vaxmail/vax88.txt - 293 K - Updated 2004.09.13
A Random Games-list
Game Name Manufacturer Year Pinout Class ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ V 005 Sega 1981 18 Wheeler Midway 1979 3D Bowling MED 1978 H 720 Degrees Atari Games 1986 800 Fathom USB 1982 H Aeroboto William
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/faqs/list-randomgames.html - 73 K - Updated 1999.10.29
Yet Another List
O-Taito is the Old Taito pinout on wiretap. N-Taito is the New-Taito pinout (Like Elevator Action). Quote by R. Schieve: " will match most for power, ground, monitor, and speaker connections but inputs are usually quite different." DECO/Data East is the Data East pinout. See Ring or AtariV is Black Widow and Gravitar and Space Duel Konami if the Konami pinout. See Konami\Rush'n' BZone is Battle Zone and Red Baron Tehkan games seem to follow th
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/faqs/list-yetanothergameslist.html - 49 K - Updated 2002.06.10
/kb_dl.aspx/KB/historical documents/atari games vaxmail/vax89.txt
Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1989 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: KIM::HALLY 3-JAN-1989 09:01:01.61 To: DENCKER,RAY,HALLY,ROTBERG,BURGESS,MARGOLIN,COMSTOCK,NOBLE,MOSER,DIEKNEITE,FULLER,GROSSMAN CC: Subj: S.T.U.N. TEAM last update: 1/3/89 Project: S.T.U.N. RUNNER (571) Planned Field Test: FEB. 89 Planned Finished Goods Assy. JUNE 89 Project Leader: MIKE HALLY Programmer(s): ED ROTBERG ANDY BURGESS Engineer: JE
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/historical documents/atari games vaxmail/vax89.txt - 403 K - Updated 2004.09.13
HEAVY BARREL complete strategy guide
Submitted by Julius Yang A somewhat obscure game, Heavy Barrel uses the same controls as Ikari Warriors, but is a better game IMHO due to the availability of different weapons, not just augmented versions of weapons. The objective is to wipe out a military complex filled with soldiers and lethal military equipment. The available weapons are the standard machine gun, the heavy machine gun, the fan gun, the flamethrower, and the Heavy Barrel. Grenade weapons include standard grenades, red grenades,
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/gametech/heavybarrelstrategy.html - 7 K - Updated 2000.01.19
LIST: Atari Games
ROMs Manuals Game Name -------------- --------- --------------------------------------- 422 Super Pong TM-001 Mazer Blazer TM-004 Gran Trak 20 TM-008 Qwak TM-010 Tank TM-011 Gran Trak 10 TM-019 Pursuit TM-021 Twin Racer TM-025 Anti-Aircraft TM-027 Jet Fighte
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/faqs/list-atari.html - 11 K - Updated 1999.07.27
/kb_dl.aspx/KB/historical documents/atari games vaxmail/vax91.txt
Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1991 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: GAWD::MCCARTHY "Pat" 2-JAN-1991 12:37:15.74 To: @SYS$MAIL:JUNK CC: MCCARTHY Subj: New employee. If you haven't already noticed or been introduced, we have a new employee starting today. His name is John Moore. He is a hardware design engineer in the Electrical Design group, reporting to me. His office is the corner cubicle just outside my office. Drop by and say Hi. _____
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/historical documents/atari games vaxmail/vax91.txt - 834 K - Updated 2004.09.13
/kb_dl.aspx/KB/historical documents/atari games vaxmail/vax90.txt
Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1990 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: BERT::LTURNER 2-JAN-1990 15:43:12.18 To: @SYS$MAIL:EVERYBODY CC: LTURNER Subj: New Baby This is to annouce the arrival of a new addition at the Moore house. His name is Evan Alexander Bettencourt Moore. He was born on Saturday, December 30, at 10:21A. Weight -- 7 lbs 10 oz Height -- 20 1/2 inches Mother and baby are home and doing well. _____________________________
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/historical documents/atari games vaxmail/vax90.txt - 537 K - Updated 2004.09.13
Gauntlet -------- PLAYER CONTROLS --------------- PIN 1 GROUND PIN 2 KEY PIN 3 START PIN 4 FIRE PIN 5 (empty) PIN 6 (empty) PIN 7 RIGHT PIN 8 LEFT PIN 9 DOWN PIN 10 UP PIN 11? LED ??? COIN SWITCHES ------------- PIN 1 GROUND PIN 2 KEY PIN 3 COIN 4 (RIGHT) PIN 4 COIN 3 (MIDRIGHT) PIN 5 COIN 2 (MIDLEFT) PIN 6 COIN 1 (LEFT) POWER ----- 1 GROUND 2 +SENSE 3 EMPTY 4 EMPTY 5 -SENSE 6 -15V DC 7 EMPTY 8 GROUND 9 +15V DC 10 +5V 11 +5V 12 GROUND I can't reme
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/pinouts/gauntlet.txt - 2 K - Updated 2003.01.06
GAUNTLET PPWR PPL1 - PPL4 PST PCOIN --------- ---------- ----------- ----------- 1 GND 1 GND 1 GND 1 GND 2 +5V 2 2 TEST 2 3 +5V 3 START/MAGIC 3 3 COIN 4-R 4 +10.3V 4 FIRE 4 SP LEFT 4 3 5 GND 5 5 GND
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/gametech/gauntlet.txt - 2 K - Updated 1996.12.09
Gauntlet 68010 Memory Map
Function Address R/W DATA ------------------------------------------------------------- Program ROM/Operating System 000000-00FFFF R D0-D15 Program ROM/SLAPSTIC 038000-03FFFF R D0-D15 Program ROM/Main 040000-07FFFF R D0-D15 Spare RAM 800000-801FFF R/W D0-D15 EEPROM 802001-802FFF R/W D7-D0 Player 1 Input (See detail below) 803001 R D0-D71 Player
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/gametech/gauntletmap.html - 5 K - Updated 2000.01.23
U.S. Championship Beach Volley V'Ball Taito, 1988 Pinout = JAMMA ------------------------------------------------------------------ Option Switch Settings ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIP Switch No. 1 Settings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Option -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/pinouts/v_ball.txt - 5 K - Updated 2003.01.06
Early Atari documentation list
Submitted by Gregg Woodcock ( Here is a pretty complete list of documentation for Atari's early arcade video games. Note that "TM" stands for "Technical Manual" and "DP" stands for "Drawing Package [supplement]" which was later renamed to "SP" which stands for "Supplement Package". I am not sure what "CO" stands for but the "C" could be for "Correction" because most of the CO documents were errata or addendums to the manuals. In addition, most Atari games had "ST" documents which w
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/gametech/earlyataridocs.html - 6 K - Updated 2000.01.20
U.S. Championship Beach Volley V'Ball Taito, 1988 V'Ball Option Switch Settings ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIP Switch No. 1 Settings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Option ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty Level ---------------- Off Off
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/gametech/vball.txt - 5 K - Updated 1995.04.07
/kb_dl.aspx/KB/gametech/board pinouts/gauntlet.txt
From: (John Keay) Subject: Gauntlet pinouts Date: 9 May 1995 14:58:00 GMT PLAYER CONTROLS --------------- PIN 1 GROUND PIN 2 KEY PIN 3 START PIN 4 FIRE PIN 5 (empty) PIN 6 (empty) PIN 7 RIGHT PIN 8 LEFT PIN 9 DOWN PIN 10 UP PIN 11? LED ??? COIN SWITCHES ------------- PIN 1 GROUND PIN 2 KEY PIN 3 COIN 4 (RIGHT) PIN 4 COIN 3 (MIDRIGHT) PIN 5 COIN 2 (MIDLEFT) PIN 6 COIN 1 (LEFT) POWER ----- 1 GROUND 2 +SENSE 3 EMPTY 4 EMPTY 5 -SENSE 6 -15V DC 7 EMPTY 8 GROUND 9 +15V DC 10 +5V 1
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/gametech/board pinouts/gauntlet.txt - 2 K - Updated 1995.05.25
SEGA 4-Player Interface Quartet Pinouts Sega<Sun, May 1986 ----------------------------------------------------------- Component Side | Solder Side ----------------------------+------------------------------ Gnd 1 | A Gnd Gnd 2 | B Gnd +5V 3 | C +5V +5V 4 | D +5V +12V 5 | E +12V Coin Meter 1 6 | F Coin Meter 2 N/C 7 | H
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/gametech/quartet.txt - 14 K - Updated 1996.04.04
/kb_dl.aspx/KB/gametech/board pinouts/quartet.txt
SEGA 4-Player Interface Quartet Pinouts Sega<Sun, May 1986 ----------------------------------------------------------- Component Side | Solder Side ----------------------------+------------------------------ Gnd 1 | A Gnd Gnd 2 | B Gnd +5V 3 | C +5V +5V 4 | D +5V +12V 5 | E +12V Coin Meter 1 6 | F Coin Meter 2 N/C 7 | H
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/gametech/board pinouts/quartet.txt - 10 K - Updated 1995.05.11
Technical Information
Note: The information and links on this page might get moved around quite a bit before things get all sorted out. I'm just going to start putting up all kinds of information that I've had archived away, so please pardon the mess! :) Identifying Unknown Board Sets Back in 1994, Rick Schieve wrote an article about how to identify unknown boards. This article gives some quick tips on how to figure out what the pinouts are for an unknown PCB. The text is moderately technical so if you're not sure what R
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/repair/iding pcbs.html - 14 K - Updated 2000.01.02
VERSION 1.0a : 1996.09.29 by Glenn Tarigan Additional comments by "Moby" Henry Kong Andrew Chang Feel free to distribute this document. Make sure the credits remain intact. I'd like to get some comments, especially from people who have been to any of the arcades mentioned here. What can I do to improve this guide? Do you have any details or opinions to add? Note: "Lower Mainland" refers to a southwest portion of British Columbia, Canada. The major arcades listed so far
File: /kb_dl.aspx/KB/faqs/faq-1996 lwr mainland arcades.html - 54 K - Updated 2000.02.20