Gaplus (ギャプラス)

Released in 1984

Developer: Namco
Manufacturer: Namco
Distributor: Namco

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Gaplus marquee
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Game Summary

Space - Shoot hordes of alien bugs

Hardware Info

Controls: 1 Joystick / Button(s)
Vertical-mounted Raster monitor
224 x 288 Resolution
Colors: 256 Color

Additional Hardware Info (from Mame)

M6809 cpu @ 1 Mhz
M6809 cpu @ 1 Mhz
M6809 cpu @ 1 Mhz
Namco audio
* Samples audio
* Information was extracted from Mame, so "Samples audio" may indicate the game has analog sound hardware.

Mame ROMs

gaplus, Gaplus (set 1)
galaga3, Galaga 3 (set 1)
galaga3a, Galaga 3 (set 2)
gaplusa, Gaplus (set 2)

Game Details

Sequel to Galaga - whereas galaga allowed the aliens to capture your ship, Gaplus allows you to catch bugs in your own tractor beam. These bugs would then join you in a line either side of your ship, giving a wide span of firepower - Another tractor beam holds bugs in your line of fire to be shot for high bonuses. Challenge stages involve keeping bouncing bugs on screen for as long as possible by juggling them on your bullets. Later stages grow increasingly difficult with fragmenting bombs getting in the way.

Also known as Galaga 3.

Gaplus control panel
control panel

Gaplus cabinet photo
cabinet photo
Gaplus title screen
title screen
Gaplus gameplay screen shot
gameplay screen
Gaplus promotional flyer
promotional flyer Member Ratings / Comments

***** by eGene. Comment: "Nicely done, an improvement on a great game. Like Galaga, Love Gaplus.." 2004-03-06 06:47:06Z

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