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Mortal Kombat 2 FAQ - Revision 10

Complete Guide
Tenth Revision
January 5th, 1994

500 years ago, Shang Tsung was banished to the Earth Realm. With the aid of Goro he was to unbalance the furies and doom the planet to a chaotic existence.

By seizing control of the Shaolin Tournament he tried to tip the scales of order towards chaos. Only seven warriors survived the battles and Shang Tsung's scheme would come to a violent end at the hands of Liu Kang.

Facing execution for his failure and the apparent death of Goro, Tsung convinces Shao Kahn to grant him a second chance.

Shang Tsung's new plan is to lure his enemies to compete in the Outworld where they will meet certain death by Shao Kahn himself.

Now the Kombat Kontinues...


Welcome to the tenth anniversary edition! ALL moves and fatalities listed are now confirmed. This guide is for game versions 2.0 and up. Older machines do not include some of the moves and most of the fatalities. If you find yourself playing on an outdated machine, have the owner contact Midway for the new replacement chips.

If you have any additions send mail directly to me and I will include it in the next guide. Moves and fatalities posted to rec.games.video.arcade and alt.games.mk will also be incorporated into this guide. Credit will be given to those who contribute. This guide will be posted every WEDNESDAY until all the moves and fatalities are discovered. Keep in mind that this is posted ONCE a WEEK, and some moves may not be on the latest revision.

Andy Eddy of GamePro magazine has generously offered to make this guide available through FTP. The site is netcom.com, and the directory is pub/vidgames/faqs. Thanks Andy!

By popular vote, the order in which the fighters appear will not be changed. Thanks to everyone who responded. Also, I had no time this week to complete the strategy section, but I was able to add all new critical information. Look for Friendships and Babalities in the next draft along with Kintaro and Shao Kahn strategy.

General Definitions and Moves


While reading through the moves, the + can be substituted by and, and the - can be substituted by then. For example, 'two forward - HIGH PUNCH' should be read as 'press the joystick twice towards the opponent then press HIGH PUNCH'. Another example, 'LOW PUNCH + BLOCK' should be read as 'press LOW PUNCH and BLOCK at the same time'. Button names are listed in all caps.

Quarter-Circle Towards:  Rotate joystick from the down position to the
                         forward position then press the button
                         indicated.  (actual movement is down - down to
                         forward - BUTTON)
Quarter-Circle Away   :  Rotate joystick from the down position to the
                         away position then press the button indicated.
                         (actual movement is down - down to away -

Half-Circle Towards:  Rotate joystick from the away/down position to the
                      forward/down position then press the button
                      indicated.  (actual movement is away/down -
                      away/down to forward/down - BUTTON)
Half-Circle Away   :  Rotate joystick from the forward/down position to
                      the away/down position then press the button
                      indicated.  (actual movement is forward/down -
                      forward/down to away/down - BUTTON)

hold then release:  Press and hold the button indicated while your
                    character charges.  When finished charging release
                    the button.  Other actions may be performed while
                    charging.  If you are hit the charge remains intact.
                    You can also charge a move before a round begins.

(hold BLOCK):  Block is only used in a move or fatality to stabilize your
               fighter, to keep them from jumping or walking.  Make sure
               you release BLOCK before pressing the required button.
               You do not need to use BLOCK if you can be at the right
               distance for a fatality.

down - up:  The teleport can also be down by flicking the joystick down,
            making the joystick spring up and down.


Face Punch  :  HIGH PUNCH
Body Punch  :  LOW PUNCH
Face Kick   :  HIGH KICK
Body Kick   :  LOW KICK

Uppercut    :  down + HIGH PUNCH
Crouch Punch:  down + LOW PUNCH
Crouch Kick :  down + HIGH KICK
Ankle Kick  :  down + LOW KICK
Roundhouse  :  back + HIGH KICK
Sweep       :  back + LOW KICK

Specialty   :  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Throw/Flip  :  LOW PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Knee        :  HIGH KICK or LOW KICK (closest to opponent)

Jump Kick :  Jump and HIGH KICK or LOW KICK the opponent.
Jump Punch:  Jump and HIGH PUNCH or LOW PUNCH the opponent.
Hop Kick  :  Jump and kick the opponent on your way up.
Hop Punch :  Jump and punch the opponent on your way up.

Turn Around Kick:  Jump over your opponent and kick them after you turn
                   around but before you hit the ground.

To block against an attack:  BLOCK or down or down + BLOCK 
To block against the throw:  down + back or down + back + BLOCK

Individual Moves and Fatalities


After winning the Shaolin Tournament from Shang Tsung's clutches Kang 
returns to his temples.  He discovers his sacred home in ruins, his 
Shaolin brothers killed in a vicious battle with a horde of Outworld 
warriors.  Now he travels into the Dark Realm to seek revenge.

Double Forearm    :  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Standard Fireball :  two forward - HIGH PUNCH (can be done in air)
Crouching Fireball:  two forward - LOW PUNCH
Flying Kick       :  two forward - HIGH KICK
Bicycle Kick      :  hold LOW KICK (5 seconds) then release

Fatality 1:  down - forward - two back - HIGH KICK
             (Liu Kang will transform into a dragon and bite the victim
              in half, leaving the legs standing.  Stand close.)

Fatality 2:  rotate joystick 360 degrees away from opponent
             (Liu Kang will do a cartwheel kick then a massive uppercut.
              Stand outside of sweep range.)


A former Shaolin Monk and a member of the White Lotus society, he is the 
last descendant of the great Kung Lao who was defeated by Goro 500 years 
ago.  Realizing the danger of the Outworld menace he joins Liu Kang in 
entering Shao Kahn's contest.

Headbutt       :  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Ground Teleport:  down - up (flick joystick down)
Aerial Kick    :  down + HIGH KICK (must be done in air)
Hat Throw      :  back - forward - LOW PUNCH
Whirlwind Spin :  two up - LOW KICK (hold BLOCK)

Fatality 1:  three forward - HIGH PUNCH
             (Kung Lung will uppercut the victim into the pit or onto the
              spikes.  You must be on The Pit II or Kombat Tomb stage.)

Fatality 2:  three forward - LOW KICK
             (Kung Lao removes his razor hat and slices the victim down
              the middle.  Stand just within sweep range.)


After Shang Tsung's tournament the martial arts superstar disappears.  He 
follow Liu Kang into the Outworld.  There he will compete in a twisted 
tournament which holds the balance of earth's existence - as well as a 
script for another blockbuster movie.

Stomach Jab    :  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Drop-Kick      :  HIGH KICK or LOW KICK (closest to opponent)
Low Green Bolt :  half-circle towards - LOW PUNCH
High Green Bolt:  half-circle away - HIGH PUNCH
Shadow Uppercut:  back - down - back - HIGH PUNCH
Shadow Kick    :  back - forward - LOW KICK
Ball Breaker   :  LOW PUNCH + BLOCK

Fatality 1:  two down - two forward - LOW PUNCH
             (Cage grabs the victim and rips their torso off, throwing it
              to the ground.  Stand close.)

Fatality 2:  two forward - down - up
             (Cage crouches and punches off the head of the victim with a
              powerful uppercut.  Stand close.)


As Shang Tsung's personal protector the elusive Reptile lurks in the 
shadows stopping all those who would do his master harm.  His human form 
is beleived to disguise a horrid reptilian creature whose race was 
thought extinct millions of years ago.

Backhand    :  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Acid Spit   :  two forward - HIGH PUNCH
Slide       :  back + LOW PUNCH + BLOCK + LOW KICK
Forceball   :  two back - HIGH PUNCH + LOW PUNCH
Invisibility:  two up - down - HIGH PUNCH (hold BLOCK)

Fatality 1:  two back - down - LOW PUNCH
             (Reptile shoots his tongue towards the victims head,
              bringing it back where he goes about eating it.  Stand
              about a jumps length away.)


Thought to have been killed in the Shaolin Tournament, Sub-Zero 
mysteriously returns.  It is beleived he traveled into the Outworld to 
again attempt to assasinate Shang Tsung.  To do so he must fight his way 
through Shao Kahn's tournament.

Backhand     :  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Iceball      :  quarter-circle towards - LOW PUNCH
Ground Freeze:  quarter-circle away - LOW KICK
Slide        :  back + LOW PUNCH + BLOCK + LOW KICK

Fatality 1:  two forward - down - HIGH KICK
             (Sub-Zero will ice the victim over, putting them in a deep
              freeze.  Stand just out of sweep range.)

             forward - down - two forward - HIGH PUNCH
             (After deep freezing the victim, Sub-Zero will shatter the
              top part of the body.  Stand close.)

Fatality 2:  movement unknown
             (Sub-Zero will throw an ice grenade into the stomach of the
              victim, exploding their top half.  Stand slightly less than
              a jumps length away.)


After losing control of the Shaolin Tournament, Shang Tsung promises his 
ruler Shao Kahn to shape events that will lure the earth warriors to 
compete in his own contest.  Convinced of this plan, Shao Kahn restores 
Tsung's youth and allows him to live.

Flaming Skulls:  two back - HIGH PUNCH  (one flaming skull)
                 two back - forward - HIGH PUNCH  (two skulls)
                 two back - two forward - HIGH PUNCH (three skulls)

Morph to Liu Kang:  back - two forward - BLOCK
         Kung Lao:  back - down - back - HIGH KICK
      Johnny Cage:  two back - down - LOW PUNCH
          Reptile:  up - down + HIGH PUNCH (hold BLOCK)
         Sub-Zero:  forward - down - forward - HIGH PUNCH
           Kitana:  tap BLOCK three times
              Jax:  down - forward - back - HIGH KICK
          Mileena:  hold HIGH PUNCH (3 seconds) then release
           Baraka:  two down - LOW KICK
         Scorpion:  two up (hold BLOCK)
           Raiden:  down - back - forward - LOW KICK

Fatality 1:  hold HIGH KICK (3 seconds) then release
             (Shang Tsung turns into a mist and enters the victims body,
              which explodes.  Stand just within sweep range.)

Fatality 2:  up - down - up - LOW KICK (hold BLOCK)
             (Tsung picks up the victim with one hand, and drains their
              life force into his other hand.  Stand close.)


Her beauty hides her true role as personal assasin for Shao Kahn.  Seen 
talking to an earth realm warrior.  Her motives have come under suspicion 
by her twin sister Mileena.  But only Kitana knows her own true 

Elbow     :  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Fan Swipe :  back + HIGH PUNCH
Fan Throw :  two forward - HIGH PUNCH + LOW PUNCH (can be done in air)
Fan Lift  :  three back - HIGH PUNCH
Air Attack:  half-circle away - HIGH PUNCH

Fatality 1:  forward - down - forward - HIGH KICK
             (Kitana will uppercut the victim into the pit or onto the
              spikes.  You must be on The Pit II or Kombat Tomb stage.)

Fatality 2:  hold LOW KICK (two forward - down - forward) then release
             (Kitana leans and kisses the victim, which then expands to
              unnatural proportions and explodes.  Stand close.)

Fatality 3:  tap BLOCK three times - HIGH KICK
             (Kitana draws her fan and decapitates the victim with one
              swipe.  Stand close.)


His real name is Maj. Jackson Briggs, leader of a top U.S. special forces 
unit.  After receiving a distress signal from Lt. Sonya Blade, Jax 
embarks on a rescue mission.  One the leads him into a ghastly world 
where he believes that Sonya is still alive.

Overhead Hammer:  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Ground Smash   :  hold LOW KICK (3 seconds) then release
Gotcha Grab    :  two forward - LOW PUNCH
Quadruple Slam :  throw the opponent then tap HIGH PUNCH
Energy Wave    :  half-circle away - HIGH KICK
Back Breaker   :  BLOCK (must be done in air)

Fatality 1:  hold LOW PUNCH (three forward) then release
             (Jax claps the victims head with a loud pop, and the skull
              crumbles in pieces to the ground.  Stand close.)

Fatality 2:  movement unknown
             (Jax grabs the victim by the arms and rips them off the
              body.  Stand close.)


Serving as an assasin along with her twin sister Kitana, Mileena's 
dazzling appearances conceal her hideous intentions.  At Shao Kahn's 
request she is asked to watch for her twin's suspected dissension.  She 
must put a stop to it at any cost.

Elbow        :  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Teleport Kick:  two forward - LOW KICK
Ground Roll  :  two back - down - HIGH KICK
Sai Throw    :  hold HIGH PUNCH (2 seconds) then release
                (can be done in air)

Fatality 1:  forward - back - forward - LOW PUNCH
             (Mileena repeatedly stabs the victim, lifting them up as
              blood sprays everywhere.  Stand close.)

Fatality 2:  hold HIGH KICK (3 seconds) then release
             (Mileena removes her mask revealing Baraka-like teeth and
              inhales the victim, spitting out the bones.  Stand close.)


He led the attack against Liu Kang's Shaolin temples.  Baraka belongs to 
a nomadic race of mutants living in the wastelands of the Outworld.  His 
fighting skills gained the attention of Shao Kahn who recruited him into 
his army.

Backhand   :  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Double Kick:  tap HIGH KICK twice (closest to opponent)
Blade Swipe:  back + HIGH PUNCH
Blade Fury :  three back - LOW PUNCH
Blue Bolt  :  quarter-circle away - HIGH PUNCH

Fatality 1:  four back - HIGH PUNCH (hold BLOCK)
             (Baraka extends his blades from his arms, then decapitates
              the victim with one swipe.  Stand close.)

Fatality 2:  back - forward - down - forward - LOW PUNCH
             (Baraka stabs the victim and lifts them up, then they slowly
              slide down the blade.  Stand close.)


The hell-spawned specter rises from the pits.  After learning of Sub-
Zero's return, he again stalks the ninja assasin - following him into the 
dark realm of the Outworld where he continues his own unholy mission.

Backhand      :  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Spear         :  two back - LOW PUNCH
Teleport Punch:  quarter-circle away - HIGH PUNCH (can be done in air)
Leg Grab      :  half-circle away - LOW KICK
Air Throw     :  BLOCK (must be done in air)

Fatality 1:  two up - HIGH PUNCH (hold BLOCK)
             (Scorpion removes his mask and breathes fire at the feet of
              the victim, which then twitches and explodes.  Stand a
              step or two out of sweep range.)

Fatality 2:  movement unknown
             (Scorpion slices the victim across the neck then cuts them
              in two.  Stand close.)


Watching events unfold from high above, the thunder god realizes the grim 
intentions of Shao Kahn.  After warning the remaining members of the 
Shaolin Tournament, Raiden soon disappears.  He is beleived to have 
ventured into the Outworld alone.

Mini Uppercut:  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Body Launch  :  two back - forward (can be done in air)
Lightning    :  quarter-circle towards - LOW PUNCH
Teleport     :  down - up (flick joystick down)
Electrocution:  hold HIGH PUNCH (4 seconds) and release
                (close to opponent)

Fatality 1:  three up - HIGH KICK
             (Raiden will uppercut the victim into the pit or onto the
              spikes.  You must be on The Pit II or Kombat Tomb stage.)

Fatality 2:  hold LOW KICK (down - three forward) then release
             (Raiden grabs the victim and lifts them up, then proceeds to
              shock them.  Stand close.)

             tap BLOCK + LOW KICK repeatedly
             (After a dose of the shock treatment, the victim will
              explode into bits.)

Individual Combos and Strategy

Thanks to Henry Tam and Matthew Wallace for helping to write this strategy and combo section.



Standard Fireball: This is a good missile weapon to follow after a jump kick since it can be fired very quickly. It also may be done in the air, which is useful for hitting jump opponents out of the sky. Doing the fireball in the air can also be used for dodging missile weapons. If you are jumping and your opponent fires their missile weapon, do the fireball while still in the air to stay above it.

Crouching Fireball: This is a very effective move to keep the opponent on his toes. The opponent must block or jump in order to avoid it, just ducking can not escape it. This is good at long range or short range and is very hard to retaliate to. The crouching fireball is very good for defense as well, since Kang is very low to the ground. A late jump kick is the only way to hit him while he is crouching. It can also be used to hit the opponent when they are using their missile weapon, and Kang is low enough to avoid their missile.

Flying Kick: This is a fast attack good for catching your opponent off guard. While walking towards your opponent, tap forwards then press HIGH KICK when you suspect your opponent will make a move. The flying kick is also good to use after a jump kick. If your opponent jumps away from you or just in front of you execute the flying kick to hit them out of the air. Be cautious with it though, and never do it across the screen against a blocking opponent. You are likely to lose quite a bit of damage if blocked.

Bicycle Kick: Another good suprise attack move. Keep your finger on LOW KICK throughout the round so you can use it when necessary, performing other moves while charging. As with the flying kick, do not use it when far away from your opponent or while they are standing and blocking. It is good to use when your opponent jumps away or towards you. Also, if you are thrown or jump kicked, immediately use it when you stand up to catch your opponent off guard. Make sure you release LOW KICK while standing on the ground, otherwise the move will not work and you will have to recharge.