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Crazy Kong pinouts

Crazy Kong Pinouts

Submitted by Unknown

Here is the pinout listed for Crazy Kong that may be the ORCA version.
The colors in () is what the wire color it has listed for the "Universal
Wiring Harness" in the schematics.

  GND (black to power supply)   A  1    GND (black)
Monitor GND (black to plug D)   B  2    SPKR - (dk brown)
    +5V (red to power supply)   C  3    +5 (red-to coin mechanism lamp)
+12V (orange to power supply)   D  4    NC
 +5V (violet to power supply)   E  5    NC
                           NC   F  6    UP (white/black to plug A)
                           NC   H  7    DOWN (white/blue to plug A)
                           NC   J  8    LEFT (white/green to plug A)
                           NC   K  9    RIGHT (white/red to plug A)
                           NC   L  10   NC
                           NC   M  11   NC
                           NC   N  12   NC
                           NC   P  13   NC
                           NC   R  14   FUNCTION (green/yellow to plug B)
                           NC   S  15   FUNCTION (yellow/black to plug B)
                           NC   T  16   FUNCTION (red/yellow to plug B)
          RED (red to plug D)   U  17   ??? (yellow to coin mechanism)
      GREEN (green to plug D)   V  18   ??? (orange to service-coin mechanism)
        BLUE (blue to plug D)   W  19   ??? (brown to coin meter)
       SYNC (white to plug E)   X  20   ONE PLAYER (violet to plug B)
               SPKR + (white)   Y  21   TWO PLAYER (pink to plug B)
                           NC   Z  22   NC

Plug A is the control panel and is the joystick
Plug B is also the control panel and is the start buttons plus 3 other buttons
(I guess, they're labelled FUNCTION)
Plug C is the coin mechanism
Plug D is the Monitor Chassis as is Plug E.
The pinout for the individual plugs are as follows:

Plug A:
1 open
2 white/black UP-joystick
3 open
4 white/blue DOWN-joystick
5 open
6 white/green left-joystick
7 open
8 white/red right-joystick

Plug B:
1 black-ground
3 violet ONE PLAYER
4 red/yellow FUNCTION
5 yellow/black FUNCTION
6 green/yellow FUNCTION
7 open
8 open

Plug C:
1 open
2 open
3 open
4 yellow Coin Mechanism
5 orange Service
6 brown Coin Meter
7 red Coin Door Lamps
8 black-ground

Plug D:
1 Red
2 Green
3 Blue
4 Black-ground
5 open
6 open

Plug E:
1 white-Sync
2 white-Sync
3 open