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Document Title: [FIX_ Centipede.txt (text file)]

From: "Matt J. McCullar" <mccullar@flash.net>
Subject: FIX: Centipede
Date: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 8:04 PM

One might think of this as more of a feature rather than a problem, I
don't know...

The problem was this: You could see the mushrooms and the scoreboard,
but nothing else on the playfield.  You could hear the game being
played, you just couldn't see your shooter, the bullets, the centipedes,
or anything else that moves.  All you could see was the mushrooms being

You might call this the ULTIMATE _Centipede_, for folks who are really,
really good at playing it.  Because you literally cannot see what you're
shooting at.

The problem turned out to be a bad 74LS174 at C6.  It's part of the
horizontal motion object circuitry.

Matt J. McCullar
Arlington, TX