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Pulsar Pinouts

Pulsar Pinouts and switch settings

Pulsar pinouts

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PULSAR Sega/Gremlin

  1  -5V                               
  2  +12V                               
  3  AC                                 
  4  GND                               
  5  GND                               
  6  GND                               
  7  -12V                              
  8  +5V                               
  9  +5V                               
 10  +5V                               

 16  COIN
 17  COIN

 25  SYNC                              
 26  VID GN                            
 27  VID BL                            
 28  VID RED                           

Pulsar switches

Number of Ships    sw1    sw2
2 ships            off    off
3 ships            off    on
4 ships            on     off
5 ships            on     on