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  Game Year Summary
Blue Hawk
1993 No summary.
Blue Print
1982 Find the parts and build the machine
Blue Shark
1978 Deep sea shooting game
Blue's Journey
1990 No summary.
Teddy Boy Blue
1985 No summary.
Blue Star
1995 No summary.
Star Hawk
1981 Space - shoot ships over space station
Sky Hawk
1978 No summary.
Fighting Hawk
1988 No summary.
Flying Hawk
1988 No summary.
Metal Hawk
1988 No summary.
Space Hawk
0 No summary.
Twin Hawk
1989 Flying Shark-like WW2 airplane shoot'em-up.
Darius Gaiden - Silver Hawk
1994 No summary.
Darius Gaiden - Silver Hawk - Extra Version
1995 An official ROM swap by Taito with increased rapid fire and swapped bosses
1990 A variation on the Othello boardgame. You control either the blue or red blobs (pieces). You can either jump over one space, or "multiply" to an adjacent space. Then, all blobs in adjacent spaces change to your color.
1981 Qix (pronounced "kicks") is a simple and elegant game in which you claim territory by drawing boxes to fill a rectangular space. You must avoid the Qix – sticklike objects that float and bounce through your space in unpredictable patterns. You can rack up more points for creating boxes more slowly, and besides the Qix, you must be careful of Sparx and Fuses which appear if your marker stops while you are drawing.

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