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=> Donkey Kong Jr (bootleg)
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Hunch Back Olympics
1984 Summer Olympics ROM plug-in replacement for Donkey Kong boards.
1976 Shoot King Kong off the top Empire State Building with your biplane.
Donkey Kong
1981 Guide Mario (jumpman) to rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong.
Crazy Kong
1981 A Donkey Kong clone (not a bootleg) made by Falcon.
Operation Wolf
1987 Pick off enemy soldiers while trying to rescue hostages. Seques are Operation Thunderbolt and Operation Wolf 3.
Street Fighter 2: Rainbow Edition
1991 A bootleg modified (read: not originally from Capcom) version of SFII:CE. Many new (and most "cheap"!) features.
Donkey Kong Jr.
1982 Guide Jr. to rescue Kong Snr.
1982 Bootleg of Burger Time / Burgertime.
Cook Race
1982 Bootleg of Burger Time / Burgertime.
1980 Phoenix bootleg. See Phoenix.
Fire Condor
1980 Phoenix clone. See Phoenix.
Space Phantoms
1979 A version of Ozma Wars in which you shoot phantoms instead of space objects.
Survival Arts
1993 Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight.
1981 A bootleg game on Pac-Man hardware.
1981 The same play style as Phoenix. Move your ship left and right, and destroy the enemy characters. Several different waves, with the major difference from Phoenix being a wave where you have to land the ship.
Playchoice 10 Cabinet
1986 A hardware design that reused the Punch Out!cabinet. A Nintendo Entertainment System with some hardware that handles changing/selecting games and buying game time.
Solar Fight
1979 Bootleg of Ozma Wars.
Bobble Bobble
1986 Bootleg of Bubble Bobble.
Operation Bear
1987 Operation Wolf bootleg.