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  Game Year Summary
Great Championship Tail to Nose
0 No summary.
Tail n Nose
1989 Top-down Formula 1 racing game where the track rotates instead of the car.
Tail to Nose
1992 No summary.
Great Guns
1983 No summary.
Great Gurianos
1987 2-D Fighting.
Great Swordsman
1984 No summary.
Great Train Gang
1987 No summary.
Great 1000 Miles Rally
1994 No summary.
Great 1000 Miles Rally 2
1995 No summary.
Great Sluggers
1994 An arcade Baseball game
Great Ragtime Show (aka Boogie Wing)
1992 No summary.
Great Sluggers '93
1993 No summary.
Great Sluggers '94
1994 No summary.
Magic Great Battle
2000 No summary.
Super World Court;93 Great Sluggers
1993 No summary.
Raiden Fighters II: Operation Hell Dive
1997 One of the best vertical scrolling shooters yet. Great music, spectacular sound effects, and tons of multi-layer parallax, bright, vivid colors, and huge detailed bosses make this game a keeper.
Championship Sprint
1986 race tiny cars around a course, special short-cuts appear here and there..
Championship Bowling
1985 No summary.
Championship Lode Runner
1984 No summary.
Championship V'Ball
1988 No summary.
Championship Wrestling
1986 No summary.
Daytona USA Championship edition
1994 No summary.
Rally Championship
1994 No summary.
Sonic Championship
1996 Humorous 3D Fighting game by Sega. Uses the Sega Model 2B board.
Button Hayaoshi Championship
1993 No summary.
Championship Arkanoid
1987 No summary.
Sega Rally Championship
1995 No summary.
Touring Car Championship
1996 No summary.
Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition (Japan)
1992 No summary.
Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition
1992 No summary.
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2006 Arcade Championship
2006 No summary.
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2014 Arcade Championship
2014 No summary.
Mr. Do!'s Wild Ride
1984 Oh my god, it's Mr. Do!'s WildRide. Great sequel. Ride the rails (of a rollercoaster) as Mr. Do, avoiding speeding cars by climbing ladders. Spell out the word EXTRA to receive another Mr. Do.
Black Tiger
1987 Scrolling fighter with great music and great medieval monsters. U.S. version of Black Dragon.

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