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  Game Year Summary
Karate Champ
1984 Head to Head Karate, gaming's first complex beat-em-up - beat your opponent senseless
Karate Champ (1 Player)
1984 No summary.
Karate Champ (2 Players)
1984 No summary.
Karate Master
1984 No summary.
Karate Blazers
1991 No summary.
Karate Tournament
1992 No summary.
Karate Ninja Sho
1996 unreleased beat 'em up game developed by Yumekobo for the Neo Geo MVS.
Taisen Karate Dou
1984 No summary.
Euro Football Champ
1990 No summary.
Football Champ
1990 No summary.
Heavy Weight Champ
1976 No summary.
Heavyweight Champ
1987 No summary.
Super Football Champ
0 No summary.
Beat the Champ
1996 No summary.
Euro Champ 92
1992 No summary.
10 Pin Champ
1984 Shuffleboard bowling meets video.
Clay Champ
1979 Skeet shooting.
Konami's Open Gold Champ.
1994 No summary.
Ski Champ
0 No summary.
Sky Champ
0 No summary.
Speed Champ - King of Quiz
1994 No summary.
Super Champ
1993 No summary.
Ten Pin Champ
0 No summary.
Step Champ
0 No summary.

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