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  Game Year Summary
Metal Slug 3
2000 All-out shooting, side-scrolling game with fantastic 2D graphics.
Metal Slug
1996 A side-scrolling shooter with lush graphics and comical 2D animations.
Metal Slug 2
1998 The sequel to the popular all-out shooting side scroller.
Metal Slug X
1999 The third in the Metal Slug series of extreme 2D animated, side-scrolling shooters.
Heavy Metal
1985 No summary.
Metal Black
0 No summary.
Metal Clash
0 No summary.
Metal Hawk
1988 No summary.
Metal Maniax
1994 No summary.
Metal Soldier Issac 2
1985 No summary.
Cyber Lip
1990 SNK's answer to Contra. Not a bad game, but the later released Metal Slug blew it away.
Gun Force
1991 Side scrolling platform game like Metal Slug with lots of power ups.

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