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  Game Year Summary
Sky Hawk
1978 No summary.
Star Hawk
1981 Space - shoot ships over space station
Fighting Hawk
1988 No summary.
Flying Hawk
1988 No summary.
Metal Hawk
1988 No summary.
Space Hawk
0 No summary.
Twin Hawk
1989 Flying Shark-like WW2 airplane shoot'em-up.
Blue Hawk
1993 No summary.
Darius Gaiden - Silver Hawk
1994 No summary.
Darius Gaiden - Silver Hawk - Extra Version
1995 An official ROM swap by Taito with increased rapid fire and swapped bosses
Sky Raider
1978 Bomb scrolling landscape
Sky Shark
1982 Vertical shoot 'em up. Original Hi Sho Zame in Japan, licensed to Electrocoin in Europe under the name Flying Shark, and Romstar in North America under the name Sky Shark.
Sky Adventure
1989 No summary.
Sky Diver
1978 Land a skydiver onto a platform.
Sky Fox
1987 No summary.
Sky Kid
1985 Cartoonish side-scrolling shooter.
Sky Kid Deluxe
1986 No summary.
Sky Rider
0 No summary.
Sky Robo
0 No summary.
Sky Skipper
0 No summary.
Sky Tack
1976 No summary.
Sky War
1976 No summary.
Sky Wolf
0 No summary.
Vs. Sky Kid
1988 No summary.
Sky Target
1995 No summary.
Sky Army
0 No summary.
Sky Bumper
1982 No summary.
Sky Champ
0 No summary.
Sky Chuter
1980 No summary.
Sky Jaguar
0 No summary.
Sky Lancer
1983 No summary.
Sky Soldiers
1988 One or two future pilots time warp through important historical air battles to prevent the evil organization Amondule from changing history.

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