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Solar Warrior
1986 platform / shooter - pseudo-clone of Xain'D Sleena
Solar Warrior (Xain'D Sleena)
1986 No summary.
Solar Quest
1981 Space - shoot things around a sun
Solar Fox
1982 Collect cells and avoid enemy fire.
Solar War
1979 No summary.
BOTTS (Battle of the Solar System)
1992 2-pc cabinet w/seat - mechanized warrior action
Solar Assault
1995 No summary.
Solar Fight
1979 Bootleg of Ozma Wars.
1978 Two-player sword-fighting game with vector graphics.
Dark Warrior
1981 No summary.
Nastar Warrior
1989 No summary.
Shogun Warrior
0 No summary.
Street Fighter 2: World Warrior
1991 No summary.
Warrior Blade
1990 No summary.
Blood Warrior
1994 No summary.
UFO Warrior Youkochan
1988 No summary.
Warrior's Rage
1998 No summary.
Way of the Warrior
1994 Laserdisc game by American Laser Games
1986 You play the Legendary Warrior "Rygar" in the side scrolling platform game. The aim is to make it though 27 levels picking up power ups and bonuses along the way.
1995 eradicate the Solar System of a hostile race of aliens that threaten mankind
1983 Space - fly through the solar system shooting enemies. Made by Konami and Centuri.
Alien Syndrome
1987 Third-person shooter where you get to blast all kinds of aliens and rescue people. You can also find power-ups for better blasting power!
Xain'D Sleena
1986 space shooter - see also Solar Warrior
1981 Qix (pronounced "kicks") is a simple and elegant game in which you claim territory by drawing boxes to fill a rectangular space. You must avoid the Qix – sticklike objects that float and bounce through your space in unpredictable patterns. You can rack up more points for creating boxes more slowly, and besides the Qix, you must be careful of Sparx and Fuses which appear if your marker stops while you are drawing.
Fujiyama Buster
1992 Japanese version of Shogun Warrior
1986 Multiple-monitor game. Scrolls from Left to Right for most of the game, except when choosing the next level to go to, which scrolls Up and Down. Can gain power-ups along the way for stronger Bombs and (laser?) Shots..

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