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  Game Year Summary
Tournament Arkanoid
1987 No summary.
1986 Breakout-style game with a futuristic twist.
Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh
1987 Breakout-style game with a futuristic twist. Sequel to Arkanoid.
Arkanoid Returns
アルカノイド リターンズ
1997 No summary.
Championship Arkanoid
1987 No summary.
Revenge of Doh : Arkanoid 2
1987 No summary.
Big Tournament Golf
1996 Golf game for the Neo Geo, AKA Neo Turf Masters. Licensed from Nazca.
Rampage Tournament
0 No summary.
Tournament Cyberball 2072
1989 Futuristic football with robots.
Tournament Golf
0 No summary.
Tournament Table
1978 No summary.
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
1994 Sequel/upgrade to NBA Jam.
Karate Tournament
1992 No summary.
Peek a Boo
1993 By Jaleco. This game plays similar to Arkanoid, but at a seemingly smaller resolution. It runs on an 68000 chip. It should be noted that this is an "adult" game.
Killer Instinct 2
1996 Ten fighters duke it out in one-on-one battles, in order to reach the boss, Gargos, and win the Ultratech Tournament.
Killer Instinct
1994 Ten fighters battle in on-on-one fights in order to face the final boss Eyedol and win the Ultratech Tournament.
1988 Beach bums - play volleyball tournament to win $2,500,000
Neo Turf Masters
1996 Golf game for the Neo Geo, AKA Big Tournament Golf. Licensed from Nazca.

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