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  Game Year Summary
Trivia Master
1985 No summary.
China Gate
1988 You (and optional teamate) choose 1 of 3 characters, battle many different enemies with different abilities, and beat various bosses. The goal is to retrieve a book which the enemies have stolen from your master (as you see in the attract screens).
Music Trivia
1985 No summary.
Sex Trivia
1985 No summary.
La Trivia
1985 No summary.
Merit Trivia
0 No summary.
1975 No summary.
Trivia Quiz
0 No summary.
Trivia Whiz
1984 No summary.
Video Trivia
0 No summary.
Picture Trivia
1991 No summary.
Big Bucks Trivia
1986 No summary.
Greyhound Trivia
0 No summary.
Lightning Round Tic Tac Trivia 1-3
1986 No summary.
MTV Trivia
1986 No summary.
Special Edition Trivia
0 No summary.
Sports Trivia
1987 No summary.
Trivia Challenge
1985 No summary.
Trivia Whiz II
1985 No summary.
Trivia Whiz III
1985 No summary.
Trivia Whiz IV
1986 No summary.
Trivia Whiz V
1985 No summary.
Kung-Fu Master
1984 Rescue girlfriend - hit people
Shooting Master
1985 Shoot the evil kidnappers
Alley Master
1985 No summary.
Karate Master
1984 No summary.
Blade Master
1991 Sideways scrolling hack-n-slash, set in a mythical land.
Spin Master (Miracle Adventure)
1993 No summary.
Battle Master
1991 No summary.
Master Boy
1987 No summary.
Master Boy 2
1991 No summary.
Percussion Master
2004 No summary.
Syougi No Tatsujin - Master of Syougi
1995 No summary.
1999 No summary.
Spin Master
1993 No summary.
Master of Weapon
1989 No summary.
Lady Master of Kung Fu
1985 No summary.
Master of Shogi
1995 No summary.
1982 Tron is trapped inside a computer and forced to play games. Tron must destroy the evil MCP (Master Control Program). Based on the movie.
Quiz and Dragons
1992 A Capcom Quiz/Trivia game based on the atmosphere of their "King of Dragons" and "Dungeons and Dragons" games.
1981 Qix (pronounced "kicks") is a simple and elegant game in which you claim territory by drawing boxes to fill a rectangular space. You must avoid the Qix – sticklike objects that float and bounce through your space in unpredictable patterns. You can rack up more points for creating boxes more slowly, and besides the Qix, you must be careful of Sparx and Fuses which appear if your marker stops while you are drawing.
Wizz Quiz
1985 A trivia game. Each question has 3 choices.
Outfoxies, The
1995 A one or two player game in which you choose from a wide variety of characters and battle to the death with your opponent.
1981 The same play style as Phoenix. Move your ship left and right, and destroy the enemy characters. Several different waves, with the major difference from Phoenix being a wave where you have to land the ship.
1990 Trog is a 1 to 4 player Pacman style game. Each player controls a dinosaur who must move around the island collecting their colored eggs and then making it back home first. There are 51 different levels.
Professor Pac-Man
1983 Trivia game with Pac-Man branding.
Kuhga - Operation Code Vapor Trail
空牙 – Operation Code Vapor Trail
1989 In 1999, a terrorist organization known only as DAGGER has occupied the city of New York where they have hacked into military defenses world-wide, established their own military command and gained access to nuclear missile silos. They hold the world hostage in this position and promise to cancel their threats of destroying the Earth only until the world's governments relinquish their power to DAGGER.
1989 Third person (behind player). Use a trackball to control a soldier and his aiming crosshair, and conduct attacks on various enemies. This game has quite a few "pseudo-hidden" power-ups and suprises.

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