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  Game Year Summary
Tube Chase
1982 No summary.
Tube Panic
1984 Space - blast your way to mothership
UFO Chase
1975 No summary.
Lock n' Chase
1981 No summary.
Chase H.Q. 2
1990 police chasing baddies and running them off the road. Just like C-HQ1 except you had a man jump out of the sun roof and fired a machine gun when you pressed a button.
Astro Chase
1984 No summary.
Rally Chase
0 No summary.
Hot Chase
1988 No summary.
Steeple Chase
1975 No summary.
Super Chase
1993 No summary.
Super Death Chase
1977 No summary.
Chase H.Q.
1987 No summary.
Cheese Chase
1994 No summary.
Rail Chase
1991 No summary.
Rail Chase 2
1994 No summary.
Thrash Rally (Rally Chase)
1991 No summary.
Chase Bombers
1994 No summary.
Highway Chase
1980 No summary.
Speed Chase
1993 No summary.
Car Chase
1979 Konami, Head On clone, released by Leijac.
Super Death Chase
1997 No summary.

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