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  Game Year Summary
Wild Wood
1978 No summary.
Mr. Do!'s Wild Ride
1984 Oh my god, it's Mr. Do!'s WildRide. Great sequel. Ride the rails (of a rollercoaster) as Mr. Do, avoiding speeding cars by climbing ladders. Spell out the word EXTRA to receive another Mr. Do.
Wild Western
1982 No summary.
Wild Gunman
1984 No summary.
Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa
1993 Sidescrolling shooter, but as a cow.
Lucky & Wild
1993 Drivin' and shootin'.
Fatal Fury Wild Ambition
1999 No summary.
Wild Fang
1989 No summary.
Wild Pilots
1993 No summary.
Sunset Riders
1991 As a bounty hunter in the Wild West, you and your compadres shoot up the outlaws: everyone from Simon Greedwell to Sir Richard Rose.
Blood Brothers
1990 Wild West themed crosshair shooter. Sequel to "Cabal."

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