Fantasy (ファンタジー)

Released in 1981

Manufacturer: Rock-Ola
Distributor: Rock-Ola
Developer: Rock-Ola

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Additional Hardware Info (from Mame)

M6502 cpu @ 1 Mhz
Custom audio

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fantasy, Fantasy

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Knowlede Base

The Art of Computer Game Design
Game Design The Art of Computer Game Design by Chris Crawford Preface to the Electronic Version: This text was originally composed by computer game designer Chris Crawford in 1982. When searching for literature on the nature of gaming and its relationship to narrative in 1997, Prof. Sue Peabody learned of The Art of Computer Game Design, which was then long out of print. Prof. Peabody requested Mr. Crawford's permission to publish an electronic version of the text on the World Wide Web so that it would be a
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Fantasy Pinouts Rock-Ola<S.N.K., 1982 SOLDER SIDE | PARTS SIDE ------------------------------------|-------------------------------------- (Power) Gnd | A | 1 | Gnd (Power) --------------------------------|---|---|---------------------------------- (Coin Common) Gnd | B | 2 | Gnd --------------------------------|---|---|---------------------------------- +5V | C | 3 | +5V --------------------------------|---|---|-----
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LIST: SEGA Video Games in Japan Year Title Title (Kanji) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1973 Pong Tron ポントロン Pong Tron II ポントロン2 Hockey TV ホッケーTV 1974 Mini Hockey ミニホッケー Table Hockey テーブルホッケー Goal Kick ゴールキック 1975 Balloon Gun バルーンガン Erase イレース
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Fighting Fantasy, Data East Pinout = JAMMA --------------------------------------------- Dip sw.1 -------- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ----------------------------------------------------------- Coin 1 - - 1Coin/1Play + - 1Coin/2Play - + 2Coin/1Play + + 3Coin/1Play Coin 2 - - 1Coin/1Play
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Inter Stellar Laser Fantasy Funai/ESP |-------------------------------------------------------------------- -------| | Inter Stellar | | | | DIP Switch 1 Settings | |-------------------------------------------------------------------- -------| | Function: | SW#1 SW#2 SW#3 SW#4 SW#5 SW#6 | |---------------------------
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Fantasy, Rock-Ola S.N.K., 1982 ----------------------------- SOLDER SIDE | PARTS SIDE ------------------------------------|-------------------------------------- (Power) Gnd | A | 1 | Gnd (Power) (Coin Common) Gnd | B | 2 | Gnd +5V | C | 3 | +5V +5V | D | 4 | +5V P2 Down | E | 5 | P2 Up P2 Right | F | 6 | P2 Left
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Inter Stellar Laser Fantasy, Funai/ESP -------------------------------------- |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Inter Stellar | | | | DIP Switch 1 Settings | |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Function: |
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Inter Stellar Laser Fantasy Funai/ESP |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Inter Stellar | | | | DIP Switch 1 Settings | |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Function: | SW#1 SW#2 SW#3 SW#4 SW#5 SW#6 | |----
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DECO (Data East) board list
This is a Data East (DECO) board ID list. If you have any additional information, please submit it. Name Date Cpu Board/Prom #s Manual PN Astro Fighter Apr,1980 6502 DE-012,014,38 | Mad Alien Nov,1980 6502 DE-044,045,046,047 (UP-5) | Mole Hunter Jul,1980 6502 DE-??? | Terranean Nov,1980 2x6502
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Williams vs. Artic (Defense Command) Lawsuit
Williams Electronics, Inc. v. Artic International, Inc. U.S. Court of Appeals, Third Circuit August 2, 1982 685 F.2d 870, 215 USPQ 405 Sloviter, Circuit Judge Defendant Artic International, Inc. appeals from the district court's entry of a final injunction order permanently restraining and enjoining it from infringing plaintiff's copyrights on audiovisual works and a computer program relating to the electronic video game DEFENDER. The district court severed plaintiff's demand for injunctive relief
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From: (Gregg Woodcock) Newsgroups: Subject: Re: Typical Failures of Early Williams Games Date: 22 Feb 1994 23:29:15 GMT richard.l.schieve ( wrote: > Several people have asked me to repost some of my old articles. > I suspect many have seen the following which was one of my first > "Tech Tips" ;-) Sorry to do this to you again, Rick, but I have added a BUNCH of stuff to your file and would like to "share", too (I c
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Yet Another List
O-Taito is the Old Taito pinout on wiretap. N-Taito is the New-Taito pinout (Like Elevator Action). Quote by R. Schieve: " will match most for power, ground, monitor, and speaker connections but inputs are usually quite different." DECO/Data East is the Data East pinout. See Ring or AtariV is Black Widow and Gravitar and Space Duel Konami if the Konami pinout. See Konami\Rush'n' BZone is Battle Zone and Red Baron Tehkan games seem to follow th
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Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1991 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: GAWD::MCCARTHY "Pat" 2-JAN-1991 12:37:15.74 To: @SYS$MAIL:JUNK CC: MCCARTHY Subj: New employee. If you haven't already noticed or been introduced, we have a new employee starting today. His name is John Moore. He is a hardware design engineer in the Electrical Design group, reporting to me. His office is the corner cubicle just outside my office. Drop by and say Hi. _____
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