Super Bug (スーパーバグ)

Released in 1977

Developer: Kee
Distributor: Atari
Manufacturer: Atari

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Game Summary

Early vertical scrolling driving game.

Game Details

An early vertical scrolling driving simulator in which you steer a VW bug along the road. There are oil spills and pits, and running into the sides of the road results in a "crunch."

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Boxing Bugs Flyer: 1 Front Boxing Bugs Flyer: 2 Back Super Missile Attack title screen Super Speed Race cabinet Pseudo-glowing Super Pac-Man. Member Ratings / Comments

***  by Dave__Dunmall. Comment: "One of the first scrolling driving simulators. The game featured completely black and white graphics with a dotted racecourse and various hazards such as oil patches etc in the same mould as spy hunter. Avaliable in stand-up cabinets only." 2002-07-15 05:26:17Z

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Yet Another List
O-Taito is the Old Taito pinout on wiretap. N-Taito is the New-Taito pinout (Like Elevator Action). Quote by R. Schieve: " will match most for power, ground, monitor, and speaker connections but inputs are usually quite different." DECO/Data East is the Data East pinout. See Ring or AtariV is Black Widow and Gravitar and Space Duel Konami if the Konami pinout. See Konami\Rush'n' BZone is Battle Zone and Red Baron Tehkan games seem to follow th
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Game Name Manufacturer Year Pinout Class ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ V 005 Sega 1981 18 Wheeler Midway 1979 3D Bowling MED 1978 H 720 Degrees Atari Games 1986 800 Fathom USB 1982 H Aeroboto William
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Arcade Game Cheats
--- 720 --- (Contributor: unknown) In the ramp section, levels 8, 9, and 10: holding down the kick and jump buttons simultanously on the lip of the ramp will boost your air. This trick only works when you're going the correct speed (usually your third or fourth jump), and only once (as far as I can tell) per ramp session per level. ----------- Afterburner ----------- (Contributor: Anthony D. Chen) key: S - start button V - vulcan cannon M - missle F - foot sensor (only on sit-down version) stag
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How to WIN at NBA JAM! by Randolph S. Vance and William G. Henderson
E-Mail: (NeXT Mail) (NeXT Mail) Version 1.13 Revised: August 18th, 1993 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction. Are you tough enough to take on all 27 of the NBA teams? If you think you are, get set for the most intense basketball video game you'll ever play! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- History. Versio
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Vers 2.7 May 12, 1998 additions/corrections to and Note: Date may either be release date, date from a manual or schematic, or the date that a game appears in a publication Monitor Type ------------ H-- = Horizontal V-- = Vertical -R- = Raster -V- = Vector --B = B&W --O = Color Overlay --C = Color --P = Projection Name Manuf Date uP Man/ROM # ---- ----- -
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'H','R','B','Computer Space','Nutting Assoc',1971 'H','R','B','Pong','Atari',1972 'H','R','B','Astro Hockey','Brunswick',1973 'H','R','B','Astro Race','Taito(japan)',1973 'H','R','B','Davis Cup','Taito(japan)',1973 'H','R','B','Elepong','Taito(japan)',1973 'U','R','B','Elimination','Atari/Kee',1973 'H','R','B','Gotcha','Atari',1973 'H','R','C','Gotcha Color','Atari',1973 'H','R','B','Hockey','Ramtek',1973 'H','R','B','Hockey TV','Sega(japan)',1973 'H','R','B','Leader','Midway',1973 'H','R','B','
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LIST: SEGA Video Games in Japan Year Title Title (Kanji) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1973 Pong Tron ポントロン Pong Tron II ポントロン2 Hockey TV ホッケーTV 1974 Mini Hockey ミニホッケー Table Hockey テーブルホッケー Goal Kick ゴールキック 1975 Balloon Gun バルーンガン Erase イレース
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A 65816 Primer [----------------------------------------------------------] No republication or redistribution of the following is permitted without the authors express written consent. Table of Contents ------------------------------------------------------------------------ i Preface 1.00 Introduction 2.00 New 65816 Instructions 3.00 65816 Native Mode Programming Model 3.01 Native Mode Processor Status Register 3.10 Native Mode Registers 3.11 Accum
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Pinouts for Atari Super Bug (1977): ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Typed up by Andy Welburn - 11th April 2000 This info was obtained from an original Super Bug Operations manual. Do bear in mind that this game runs on a Black + White monitor, so you'll have to work out some kind of hack before you can convert it to output to JAMMA ;) 44-pin edge connector ---------------------------------------------------- 16.5v CT
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DECO (Data East) board list
This is a Data East (DECO) board ID list. If you have any additional information, please submit it. Name Date Cpu Board/Prom #s Manual PN Astro Fighter Apr,1980 6502 DE-012,014,38 | Mad Alien Nov,1980 6502 DE-044,045,046,047 (UP-5) | Mole Hunter Jul,1980 6502 DE-??? | Terranean Nov,1980 2x6502
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LIST: Atari Games
ROMs Manuals Game Name -------------- --------- --------------------------------------- 422 Super Pong TM-001 Mazer Blazer TM-004 Gran Trak 20 TM-008 Qwak TM-010 Tank TM-011 Gran Trak 10 TM-019 Pursuit TM-021 Twin Racer TM-025 Anti-Aircraft TM-027 Jet Fighte
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1.0) Conversion FAQ: -------------------- COPYRIGHT 1994 REVISION NUMBER: 1.1 REVISION DATE: 02 November 1994 REVISION HISTORY: 1.1 (02/11/94 - Clarified technical details in {6.4}, Added a few words on manuals in {7.3} and analog controllers in {8.1.3}) REVISION HISTORY: 1.0 (01/11/94 - First public release; FTP only) CREATED BY: Doug Jefferys, Steve Ozdemir THANX TO: Wayne Aiken, Graham Bisset, Duncan Brown, David Hanes, To
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FAQ: Conversion v1.1
COPYRIGHT 1994 REVISION NUMBER: 1.1 REVISION DATE: 02 November 1994 REVISION HISTORY: 1.1 (02/11/94 - Clarified technical details in {6.4}, Added a few words on manuals in {7.3} and analog controllers in {8.1.3}) REVISION HISTORY: 1.0 (01/11/94 - First public release; FTP only) CREATED BY: Doug Jefferys, Steve Ozdemir THANX TO: Wayne Aiken, Graham Bisset, Duncan Brown, David Hanes, Tony Jones, John Keay, Patti Ozd
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\FAQs\FAQ-Conversion_v1.1.html 119383 K - Updated 1999.07.27
SUPER BUG --------- COMP SIDE CKT SIDE ----------- -------------- 1 16.5 CT GND A 16.5V CT GND 2 +10V UNREG B +10V UNREG 3 VID GND C 4 D 5 VIDEO E SLAM N.O 6 +5V F COIN 2 N.C 7 COIN 1 N.C H STEERING A 8 STEERING B
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Pinouts\Super_Bug.txt 2358 K - Updated 2003.01.06
SUPER BUG COMP SIDE CKT SIDE ----------- -------------- 1 16.5 CT GND A 16.5V CT GND 2 +10V UNREG B +10V UNREG 3 VID GND C 4 D 5 VIDEO E SLAM N.O 6 +5V F COIN 2 N.C 7 COIN 1 N.C H STEERING A 8 STEERING B
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The Art of Computer Game Design
Game Design The Art of Computer Game Design by Chris Crawford Preface to the Electronic Version: This text was originally composed by computer game designer Chris Crawford in 1982. When searching for literature on the nature of gaming and its relationship to narrative in 1997, Prof. Sue Peabody learned of The Art of Computer Game Design, which was then long out of print. Prof. Peabody requested Mr. Crawford's permission to publish an electronic version of the text on the World Wide Web so that it would be a
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