Released in 1984

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Additional Hardware Info (from Mame)

Z80 cpu @ 3 Mhz
AY-8910 audio @ 1 Mhz
AY-8910 audio @ 1 Mhz

Mame ROMs

wanted, Wanted

Game Details

No info.
'Wanted' title screen
title screen
'Wanted' gameplay screen shot
gameplay screen

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C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax90.txt
Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1990 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: BERT::LTURNER 2-JAN-1990 15:43:12.18 To: @SYS$MAIL:EVERYBODY CC: LTURNER Subj: New Baby This is to annouce the arrival of a new addition at the Moore house. His name is Evan Alexander Bettencourt Moore. He was born on Saturday, December 30, at 10:21A. Weight -- 7 lbs 10 oz Height -- 20 1/2 inches Mother and baby are home and doing well. _____________________________
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax90.txt 549657 K - Updated 2004.09.13
C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax92.txt
Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1992 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: BERT::FRANCES 2-JAN-1992 17:56:52.97 To: MARGOLIN CC: Subj: PHONE MESSAGE DAN ASH 879-3037 10:27AM NEW 2101 MATERIAL HAS NO BUGS. CALL MARGO FOR MORE INFO. ___________________________________________________________________________ From: BERT::BROWN 3-JAN-1992 19:39:22.02 To: @SYS$MAIL:EVERYBODY CC: BROWN Subj: PREMIUM PAYMENT PLAN, MODIFIED CAFETERIA PLAN
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax92.txt 577843 K - Updated 2004.09.13
C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax91.txt
Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1991 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: GAWD::MCCARTHY "Pat" 2-JAN-1991 12:37:15.74 To: @SYS$MAIL:JUNK CC: MCCARTHY Subj: New employee. If you haven't already noticed or been introduced, we have a new employee starting today. His name is John Moore. He is a hardware design engineer in the Electrical Design group, reporting to me. His office is the corner cubicle just outside my office. Drop by and say Hi. _____
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax91.txt 854415 K - Updated 2004.09.13
C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax87.txt
Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1987 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: KIM::RAINS 2-JAN-1987 10:27:26.19 To: @sys$mail:engineer CC: Subj: Computer Health Note #3 VAX-edrin Headache #3 You've been poking around somewhere in another directory (something like SYS$USERDISK:[FRED.STUFF.MORESTUFF.EVENMORESTUFF]) and now you have found something you want to get back to or reference with out so much directory name baggage. Sure, it doesn't
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax87.txt 277249 K - Updated 2004.09.13
The Art of Computer Game Design
Game Design The Art of Computer Game Design by Chris Crawford Preface to the Electronic Version: This text was originally composed by computer game designer Chris Crawford in 1982. When searching for literature on the nature of gaming and its relationship to narrative in 1997, Prof. Sue Peabody learned of The Art of Computer Game Design, which was then long out of print. Prof. Peabody requested Mr. Crawford's permission to publish an electronic version of the text on the World Wide Web so that it would be a
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\RandomArticles\ArtOfGameDesign.pdf 735837 K - Updated 2002.12.17
C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax84.txt
Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1984 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: KIM::SUTTLES 9-JAN-1984 11:40 To: @SYS$MAIL:COINOP Subj: A neat trick with mail For all of you who use the MAIL program as a form of the "paperless office", I have discovered a bug (pronounced "fea-ture") in same. It seems that the addressee line (TO: ...) is parsed independently of file handling. Mail looks at each item in the list, and checks for a double colon (
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax84.txt 288064 K - Updated 2004.09.13
FAQ POSTING (rgva.marketplace)
From: tony_jones@no.spam Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade.marketplace Subject: FAQ POSTING (rgva.marketplace) Frequently Asked Questions rec.games.video.arcade.marketplace $Revision: 1.2 $ $Date: 1997/11/05 03:24:21 $ This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for the Usenet newsgroup rec.games.video.arcade.marketplace. This FAQ is posted weekly and the current copy should be considered to supersede all previous postings. This
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\FAQs\FAQ-rgvam.html 23522 K - Updated 1999.07.27
C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax86.txt
Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1986 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: ERNIE::GRAHAM 2-JAN-1986 10:21:33.70 To: @SYS$MAIL:JUNK CC: Subj: ATARI GAMES 401-K PLAN John Klein asked me to put the following memo out on junk mail: TO: All Employees FROM: John Klein/Dennis Wood We are quite pleased to report that our 401-K Plan has gotten off to an excellent start. As of today we had 118 employees making contributions to the Plan. We encoura
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax86.txt 350096 K - Updated 2004.09.13
C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax89.txt
Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1989 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: KIM::HALLY 3-JAN-1989 09:01:01.61 To: DENCKER,RAY,HALLY,ROTBERG,BURGESS,MARGOLIN,COMSTOCK,NOBLE,MOSER,DIEKNEITE,FULLER,GROSSMAN CC: Subj: S.T.U.N. TEAM last update: 1/3/89 Project: S.T.U.N. RUNNER (571) Planned Field Test: FEB. 89 Planned Finished Goods Assy. JUNE 89 Project Leader: MIKE HALLY Programmer(s): ED ROTBERG ANDY BURGESS Engineer: JE
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax89.txt 412222 K - Updated 2004.09.13
C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax85.txt
Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1985 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: KIM::SHEPPERD 4-JAN-1985 17:20 To: @SYS$MAIL:JUNK.UAF Subj: Printer in Rains's area There is another printer hooked up now in the phone closet near Rains's office. It's known as RAINS$PRINT and if you want it to be the default printer for you then put the following in your LOGIN.COM file: $ ASS 'f$log("RAINS$PRINT")' SYS$PRINT The physical name is TXD5:, but I advise
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax85.txt 238386 K - Updated 2004.09.13
C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax88.txt
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax88.txt 300086 K - Updated 2004.09.13
Subject: FAQ POSTING (rgva.collecting)
From: tony_jones@no.spam Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting Subject: FAQ POSTING (rgva.collecting) Frequently Asked Questions rec.games.video.arcade.collecting $Revision: 1.3 $ $Date: 1997/11/05 03:23:40 $ This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for the Usenet newsgroup rec.games.video.arcade.collecting (hereafter abbreviated to rgva.collecting) This FAQ is posted every 14 days and the current copy should be considered
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\FAQs\FAQ-rgvac.html 30947 K - Updated 1999.07.27
The Sega Out Run FAQ Version 0.3
Maintained by Chris White Andrew W. Sharples This FAQ may only be reproduced with permission, and must not be edited, altered or modified in any other way. WWW and TXT formats available from : www.diamondblack.demon.co.uk # As the case is with all FAQs, this document is a work in progress. # # Additions, corrections, and comments are very welcome. # [What's New] Version 0.3 - 7th February 1998 * Added : Machine S
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\FAQs\FAQ-SEGA Outrun.html 71533 K - Updated 1999.10.30
---------------------------- FAQ: BUYING FROM AN OPERATOR Last Updated: 31 March 1998 ---------------------------- INTENT AND DISCLAIMERS: ----------------------- Copyright 1993, 1998 The authors hereby grant permission to reproduce and distribute this document for personal use, subject to the condition that the document (along with any copyright and disclaimer notices) is not modified in any way. The opinions expressed within this document are those of the authors only and not necessar
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\FAQs\FAQ-Game Buying.html 41978 K - Updated 1999.07.27
Bad Crimp Stops Pac-Man
From: Rhett James Barnes Organization: Time Warner Cable of San Diego, CA Date: Thursday, January 20, 2000 12:37 AM Subject: Tech Report: Bad Crimp Stops Pac Man Just wanted to pass on a report of my latest success, just incase anyone has a similar problem in the future (ok, not likely, but who knows?) I've got a Pac Man that has been a little flakey for months. If it hadn't been on for a while, the screen wouldn't light up, and there was no H-sync noise (until the game was shut off). Tho
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\GameTech\PacMan-badCrimp.html 2068 K - Updated 2000.01.25
C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\GameTech\Board Pinouts\StarForce.txt
From: keay@tiuk.ti.com (John Keay) Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting Subject: Re: WANTED : Bomb Jack pinouts Date: 26 Oct 1995 08:43:32 GMT Bomb Jack uses the same pinouts as StarForce. Here are the pinouts. ------------------------------------------------- Game: Star Force Manufacturer: Tehkan (now known as Tecmo) U.S Tel#: 1 800 338 0336 Typed by: Tony Jones (ant@cray.com) Pinouts: Solder Side # Component Side 2p right | A | 1 | 2p left 2p up | B
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\GameTech\Board Pinouts\StarForce.txt 2227 K - Updated 1995.12.31
: SUPER CONTRA (C) KONAMI 1988 : SUPER CONTRA and KONAMI are trademarks of KONAMI : Industry Co., Ltd. (c) KONAMI 1988 All rights reserved. : OPERATOR'S MANUAL typed in by John Cassells cas@cass.demon.co.uk Email for : scan of WIRING DIAGRAM, The Chap wanted the info for "CONTRA", not "SUPER CONTRA". The following mods make it the dip switch settings for "CONTRA" : ------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- : Technical Inform
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\GameTech\Switch Settings\PDF\C\Contra_DIP.pdf 5852 K - Updated 2003.11.16
LIST: SEGA Video Games in Japan
http://jedi.seg.kobe-u.ac.jp/~miyamo/game/ Year Title Title (Kanji) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1973 Pong Tron ポントロン Pong Tron II ポントロン2 Hockey TV ホッケーTV 1974 Mini Hockey ミニホッケー Table Hockey テーブルホッケー Goal Kick ゴールキック 1975 Balloon Gun バルーンガン Erase イレース
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\FAQs\LIST-SEGA.html 16719 K - Updated 1999.07.27
Path: news.spies.com!news.sgi.com!news.maxwell.syr.edu!news.bc.net!torn!news.ryerson.ca!hopper.acs.ryerson.ca!d3choi From: d3choi@acs.ryerson.ca (David Choi - CNED/P96) Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting Subject: Re: Needed: Contra DIP settings Date: 4 Mar 1997 04:48:29 GMT Organization: Ryerson Polytechnic University Lines: 213 Message-ID: <5fg9it$eaa@ns2.ryerson.ca> References: <3315dd97.1566051@nntp.calweb.com> <857130376snz@cass.demon.co.uk> NNTP-Posting-Host: hopper.acs.ryerson.ca X-Newsread
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\GameTech\Contra.txt 7542 K - Updated 1997.03.04
Understanding MAME Drivers Volume 2: VIDHRDW
Original URL: http://atarihq.com/danb/files/mamedrv2.txt Understanding MAME Drivers Volume 2: VIDHRDW by Daniel Boris Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction The purpose of this document is to help people understand how a MAME driver works and to help people who may want to write their own MAME drivers. A driver is a set of files that are part of the MAME source that define the operation of a specific arcade game. For this document I will be describing the video section of the driver for
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\GameTech\Boris - Understanding Mame Drivers 2.html 23168 K - Updated 2000.06.16
JAMMA/AAMA Standard Connector Pinouts and JAMMA Game list
JAMMA/AAMA Standard Connector Pinouts and JAMMA Game List
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\GameTech\JAMMA Tech.html 47160 K - Updated 2002.05.17
Bally Midway MCR System Games FAQ
********************************* Bally Midway MCR System Games FAQ version 1.0 Writers Mark Jenison Clay Cowgill ********************************* I. Introduction II. The MCR system classes A. CPU's 1. MCR (I) 2. MCR II 3. MCR III B. Super Sound I/O C. Video 1. Video Generator II 2. Video Generato
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\FAQs\FAQ-Bally Midway MCR Games.html 24464 K - Updated 1999.10.29
The REAL "PONG" FAQ Version 1.02
10 Nov.1997 Creator & Maintainer: Sly D.C. *** Special Edition *** O.K.,Here's the legal stuff: Copyright (c) 1997, Sylvain De Chantal All rights reserved. This document may be copied, in whole or in part, by any means provided the copyright and contributors sections remain intact and no fee is charged for the information. Contributors retain the copyright to their individual contributions. The data contained here in is provided for informational purposes
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\FAQs\FAQ-Pong.html 28887 K - Updated 1999.10.30
********************************* Bally Midway MCR System Games FAQ version 1.0 Writers Mark Jenison Clay Cowgill ********************************* I. Introduction II. The MCR system classes A. CPU's 1. MCR (I) 2. MCR II 3. MCR III B. Super Sound I/O C. Video 1. Video Generator II
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\FAQs\MCRFaq.txt 25039 K - Updated 2002.12.06
C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax83.txt
Atari/Atari Games VaxMail 1983 Jed Margolin ___________________________________________________________________________ From: MCCARTHY 6-AUG-1983 13:40 To: ALBAUGH,MARGOLIN,SHERRILL Subj: VAX/16032 development board DB16000 DEVELOPMENT BOARD SETUP. After 4 hours of trial and error, and some "Oh, did we forget to tell you .." from NATIONAL, the 16032 development board is up and ready for VAX communications. The forrowing are the basic setup procedures and requirements as of 8-5-'83, with ver
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\Historical Documents\Atari Games VaxMail\vax83.txt 34238 K - Updated 2004.09.13
VERSION 1.0a : 1996.09.29 by Glenn Tarigan Additional comments by "Moby" Henry Kong Andrew Chang Feel free to distribute this document. Make sure the credits remain intact. I'd like to get some comments, especially from people who have been to any of the arcades mentioned here. What can I do to improve this guide? Do you have any details or opinions to add? Note: "Lower Mainland" refers to a southwest portion of British Columbia, Canada. The major arcades listed so far
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\FAQs\FAQ-1996 Lwr Mainland Arcades.html 55016 K - Updated 2000.02.20
THE HISTORY OF CINEMATRONICS AND A DESCRIPTION OF THEIR VECTOR GAMES -------------------------------------------------------------------- COPYRIGHT 1994, 1995 REVISION NUMBER: 2.0 REVISION DATE: 23 December 1994 REVISION HISTORY: 1.0 (02/11/92 - First attempt at listing and ordering all Cinematronics games.) REVISION HISTORY: 2.0 (12/23/94 - Rearranged sections, added new sections for Barrier, Speed Freak, Boxing Bugs,
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\GameTech\Cinematronics-history.txt 51260 K - Updated 1994.12.28
----------------------------------------------------------------- | SWITCHABLE CONVERSION BETWEEN ROBOTRON, JOUST, AND STARGATE | ----------------------------------------------------------------- COPYRIGHT 1994 REVISION NUMBER: 1.1 (Minor bug fix: Line 976 now shows the correct "Y7-X8" connection, not the bogus "Y7-X7" connection from 1.0) REVISION DATE: 20 Oct 1994 CREATED BY: Doug Jefferys STANDARD DISCLAIMER: -------------------- The author hereby grants permission to rep
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\GameTech\Williams_conversion.txt 58868 K - Updated 1994.10.20
Arcade Game Cheats
--- 720 --- (Contributor: unknown) In the ramp section, levels 8, 9, and 10: holding down the kick and jump buttons simultanously on the lip of the ramp will boost your air. This trick only works when you're going the correct speed (usually your third or fourth jump), and only once (as far as I can tell) per ramp session per level. ----------- Afterburner ----------- (Contributor: Anthony D. Chen) key: S - start button V - vulcan cannon M - missle F - foot sensor (only on sit-down version) stag
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\FAQs\FAQ-Arcade Cheats.html 114708 K - Updated 1999.10.30
Hyper Fighting: Ken Strategy Guide
**************************************************************************** ** ** ** # # # # ### #### ### #### # ### # # ##### # # # ### ** ** # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # ## # # ** ** #### # ### ### ### ### # # ## #### # # # # # # ## ** ** # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # ## # # ** ** # # # # #### # # # # ## #
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\FAQs\FAQ-SF2 Hyper (ken).html 107477 K - Updated 1999.10.28
# # $Id: 64doc,v 1.8 1994/06/03 19:50:04 jopi Exp $ # # This file is part of Commodore 64 emulator # and Program Development System. # # See README for copyright notice # # This file contains documentation for 6502/6510/8500/8502 instruction set. # # # Written by # John West (john@ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au) # Marko MŠkelŠ (msmakela@kruuna.helsinki.fi) # # # $Log: 64doc,v $ # Revision 1.8 1994/06/03 19:50:04 jopi # Patchlevel 2 # # Revision 1.7 1994/04/15 13:07:04 jopi #
File: C:\Virtual\Web\kk\coinop_kb\DataSheets\6502\6502_CPUdocs.txt 68336 K - Updated 1999.07.12

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