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Computer Space (コンピュータスペース)

Released in 1971

Developer: Nutting Associates
Manufacturer: Nutting Associates
Distributor: Nutting Associates

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Game Summary

Space - Spacewar clone

Game Details

First coin-op video game ever - only 1500 produced - clone of PDP-111 computer game "Spacewar" created in 1962. Monitor was a converted tube-type TV set. Buttons consisted of left and right turn, thrust, and fire (similar to Atari Asteroids). Ship would continue to move until you turned it and used thrust to modify direction. Single player version was a battle between the player and a random-moving UFO. You couldn't collide with the UFO. If you had more points than the UFO at the end of timed play the screen would reverse video (like a photo negative) and you would continue to play in "hyperspace". There were a few 2-player models made. The cabinet was molded fiberglass with a metal-flake finish.

Trivia: A Computer Space arcade game is used as a prominent set decoration in "Soylent Green" (apparently to lend an air of the future to the proceedings.)

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