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I, Robot

Released in 1984

Developer: Atari
Manufacturer: Atari
Distributor: Atari

**** (2 total votes)

Game Summary

Space - Colour the levels - Destroy the evil eye

Hardware Platform

Atari Unique

Game Details

First solid polygon 3D game - awesome - had non-competetive "doodle city" mode for relaxation. Uses a 'hall effect' joystick.

Each level is a big platform in space. To complete each level, move the robot over every part of the platform, changing its color. The robot can jump across gaps but only when the "evil eye" is not open. A new segment is added to the platform where the robot jumped. Subsequent platforms have additional obstacles, such as birds and crushing tubes.

The player can use two buttons to change the perspective in which he or she views the playfield, from almost directly overhead to almost directly behind the robot. The less the player can see, the more difficult the game becomes, and the more points are awared.

After each level is completed, the robot is propelled through space and must shoot its way through a series of colored geometric figures. Member Ratings / Comments

**** by MrSkip. Comment: "This game was surprisingly fun for being so simple. It has some very interesting bonus stages. Also of note is that this game was only about 2/3 the size of a regular game and had a built in foot rest. The novel by Isaac Asimov was also quite good." 2002-12-11 02:11:17Z

**** by deadskinmask. Comment: "deseves praise for the foot rest! fun game with cool 3D images" 2003-03-14 18:00:37Z

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