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Star Wars (スターウォーズ)

Released in 1983

Developer: Atari
Manufacturer: Atari
Distributor: Atari

****.5 (5 total votes)

Star Wars marquee
game marquee

Game Summary

Space - Destroy the Death Star

Hardware Info

Controls: 1 Joystick / Button(s)
Horizontal-mounted Vector monitor
0 x 0 Resolution
Colors: 256 Color

Additional Hardware Info (from Mame)

M6809 cpu @ 1 Mhz
M6809 cpu @ 1 Mhz
Pokey audio @ 1 Mhz
Pokey audio @ 1 Mhz
Pokey audio @ 1 Mhz
Pokey audio @ 1 Mhz
TMS5520 audio

Hardware Platform

Atari Star Wars Vector

Mame ROMs

starwar1, Star Wars (rev 1)

Game Details

Classic colour vector game - based on film. Fly around a little with no control over the ship's movement, shooting some TIE fighters, then fly through the trench in the Deathstar, and shoot the exhaust port. Then do it all over with more enemies, but it's fun to play anyway. The graphics are really stunning for the era, although there is a substantial amount of flicker when displaying large amounts of text. Cool looking cabinet, likes to overheat if left on by accident.

Star Wars control panel
control panel

Star Wars cabinet photo
cabinet photo
Star Wars promotional flyer
promotional flyer

"Maybe" Images

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Star Wars cabinet.Star Wars side art. Member Ratings / Comments

***  by Reinen. Comment: "hated the beginning, with the tie-fighters - loved to get in the trench and use The Force. Major gripe was the controls - push up to make the crossfire go down...etc" 2003-02-19 17:50:05Z

***** by deadskinmask. Comment: "great game, I never got tired of it. Would spend a couple hours a day playing this one at a local pizza shop." 2003-03-14 17:53:21Z

***** by marminZ80. Comment: "Quite impressive. The cool cabinet added to the experience, so you never got tired of playing this game. Nice speech samples. ''Look at the Size of that thing..''. " 2003-04-20 16:18:19Z

***** by TheMaskedAvenger. Comment: "Absolutely top game. I loved the sit down/in version. We had a stand up machine at college and me and a friend had a running competition all year...we were StarWars arcade champions, although I never did get to beat him (his score 60+, mine 58 !!!). 'The Force Will Be With You... Always' COOL !!! If I could find a machine, and had the spare money, I would buy it no question. There must be some out there." 2005-02-15 08:52:37Z

***** by bartleby7334. Comment: "special kudos for the sound engineer on this game (earl vickers if i remember correctly) who got the efx cues and voice timings 'just right'" 2007-09-06 23:09:32Z

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