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Super Don Quix-ote

Released in 1984

Developer: Universal
Manufacturer: Universal
Distributor: Universal

***** (1 total votes)

Game Summary

Adventuure - Guide Don Quix-ote

Game Details

Dragon's Lair rip off - defeat the demon who is attacking Don Quix-ote - rescue his love Isabella - interactive laserdisc stuff Member Ratings / Comments

***** by canveyneil. Comment: "Probably the best of the Lazer disk games....ever!!! Slightly easier than its contemporaries like Dragons Lair 1 and 2 or even Space Ace , all lazer disk games but but Super Don ruled. Unlike the others it showed you the move to make but you had to get the timing spot on and it was much longer than the others. After an extreme amount of practice this game could last upto 15 minutes to complete , not bad for a good old 10p. The game itslef saw your girlfriend stolen by the evil witch and your job was to get her back via , skeletons , dragons , raging rivers and finally a massive battle with the witch. It also had 10 magic moves which earned you a 10000 bonus for each one used... quite simpky the best game i have played in 25years of arcade pleasure. Canvey Neil" 2006-01-05 12:33:58Z

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