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Track & Field (ハイパーオリンピック)

Released in 1983

Developer: Konami
Manufacturer: Konami
Distributor: Konami

***** (2 total votes)

Track & Field marquee
game marquee

Game Summary

Athletics - compete in six events

Hardware Info

Controls: 1 Joystick / Button(s)
Horizontal-mounted Raster monitor
256 x 224 Resolution
Colors: 32 Color

Additional Hardware Info (from Mame)

M6809 cpu @ 2 Mhz
Z80 cpu @ 3 Mhz
DAC audio
SN76496 audio @ 1 Mhz
VLM5030 audio @ 3 Mhz

Mame ROMs

trackfld, Track & Field
hyprolyb, Hyper Olympic (bootleg)
hyprolym, Hyper Olympic
trackflc, Track & Field (Centuri)

Game Details

First "hammer buttons" game - often demolished joysticks and buttons in attempt to run faster. The Japanese release sported an official license for the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Followed by Hyper Sports and other games in the series.

Konami, released by Centuri in North America.

Track & Field control panel
control panel

Track & Field cabinet photo
cabinet photo
Track & Field title screen
title screen
Track & Field gameplay screen shot
gameplay screen
Track & Field promotional flyer
promotional flyer Member Ratings / Comments

***** by PhilB88. Comment: "Very addictive, if simple, but can take alotta money unless your great 1st time. After the first round, the qualifying targets get very hard" 2005-08-01 16:21:07Z

***** by BaABnG. Comment: "Excellent game. Especially with a track ball. The buttons were tough." 2005-10-10 17:48:22Z

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