TX-1 (TX-1)

Released in 1984

Developer: Namco
Manufacturer: Atari
Manufacturer: Namco
Distributor: Atari
Distributor: Namco

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Game Summary

Race other cars to next checkpoint

Game Details

3 screen Pole Position-style racer - First game with checkpoint related continuity - Only as large sit-down cabinet.

Coinop.org Member Ratings / Comments

***** by tx1fan. Comment: "This game really impressed me. The 3 screens gives this game a impressive 270d of freedom. Was very advance for its time (according to mentions in science-history web sites). It's official release was in the beginning of 1984. But in reality 1983. Driving this car game had a great feeling mixed with some cool FM sounds. A complete TX-1 history page on www.desgraff.com in the product/games section." 2003-07-28 14:41:32Z

***** by PMKN_PI. Comment: "I just bought one of these machines. serial# 00001. I love it, it was a favorite from childhood. Its in beautiful condition too!" 2009-04-12 22:38:14Z

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