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Mysterious Stones (ミステリアスストーン)

Released in 1984

Developer: Technos
Manufacturer: Technos
Distributor: Technos

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Game Summary

Exploration game - travel to the Andes, Easter Island and Egypt to find treasure.

Hardware Info

Controls: 1 Joystick / Button(s)
Vertical-mounted Raster monitor
240 x 256 Resolution
Colors: 56 Color

Additional Hardware Info (from Mame)

M6502 cpu @ 1 Mhz
AY-8910 audio @ 1 Mhz
AY-8910 audio @ 1 Mhz

Hardware Platform

Data East Burger Time hardware

Mame ROMs

mystston, Mysterious Stones

Game Details

Game consists of 3 areas - Andes, Easter Island and Egypt. The player must explore the rooms of a dungeon. Inside the dungeon are lots of eggs which the player must crack by kicking. Most of them contain items worth 10-15,000 pts and some contain special items like one to crack all eggs, a 'helper', a grim reaper, an angel (invincibility) and the ever important "key ghost" which you must shoot to get the key to the next room.

Player must find treasure room and bring back a treasure. Then get out of the dungeon and make it to your plane safely before time runs out. You are then taken to New York or Hong Kong to get your treasure checked and score bonus points.

Mysterious Stones title screen
title screen
Mysterious Stones gameplay screen shot
gameplay screen Member Ratings / Comments

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