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Speed Rumbler (ラッシュ&クラッシュ)

Released in 1986

Developer: Capcom
Manufacturer: Capcom
Distributor: Capcom

***** (1 total votes)

Speed Rumbler marquee
game marquee

Game Summary

Save your family from terrorists by running and shooting, or driving and shooting. Earn bonus as you save each person. Somewhat graphic.

Additional Hardware Info (from Mame)

M6809 cpu @ 1 Mhz
Z80 cpu @ 3 Mhz
YM-2203 audio @ 4 Mhz
YM-2203 audio @ 4 Mhz

Mame ROMs

srumbler, The Speed Rumbler (set 1)
rushcrsh, Rush & Crash (Japan)
srumblr2, The Speed Rumbler (set 2)

Game Details

The object of the game as shown on the startup screen says, "In the twenty-first century, there is a terrorist group that attacks small towns. With only 24 hours left, your goal is to free your family and bring peace back to your home town." You drive a car and shoot at the terrorists and blow up shacks to free your family. You can jump out of the car and use your machine gun if you wreck it. Each level is a new town and you earn bonus points or speed by saving each member of your family. The graphics are good, but it's a little harsh when you lose your guy.

Speed Rumbler control panel
control panel

Speed Rumbler title screen
title screen
Speed Rumbler gameplay screen shot
gameplay screen
Speed Rumbler promotional flyer
promotional flyer

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Speed Rumbler title screen. Member Ratings / Comments

***** by jeepbastard. Comment: "I have a fond place in my heart for this game. Imagine the board game Car Wars or the Movie Road Warrior done right in a video game. You are drivintg and shooting, avoid suprise attacks from trucks, buses and other cars. You can even jump out of your car and fight and shoot on foot. It featured multiple levels too. Very ambitious and underrated game. I am searching to buy this particular game. I hope I can find one." 2002-06-19 18:43:04Z

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