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Lucky Wander Boy (ラッキー男の子はさまよう )

Released in 1983

Developer: Midway
Manufacturer: Midway
Distributor: Midway

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Game Summary

Game was designed by Uzumaki Corporation.

Game Details

Designed by a female Japanese game designer (virtually unheard of at that time) named Araki Itachi. Game was a commercial failure, largely because it was rush-shipped. Uzumaki had distribution agreements with Namco in Japan, and Midway in the US. Midway actually built and released approximately 100 of the games to the US market, hoping that another "wacky" Japanese game would be the next Pac-Man.

The game appeared to have a major flaw on the second level, where it looked like it was stuck in an infinite loop. You were able to wander about with a few objects over a mostly beige background, that cycled from dark to light over 30 minute cycles, with no real way to "die." Needless to say, this wasn't popular with operators, and most games were converted fairly quickly. Member Ratings / Comments

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