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Assault (アサルト)

Released in 1988

Developer: Namco
Manufacturer: Atari
Manufacturer: Namco
Distributor: Atari
Distributor: Namco

***** (4 total votes)

Game Summary

Tank game played from overhead.

Hardware Platform

Namco System 2

Game Details

A 2D top-view version of Battlezone. Feaured some nice scaling/rotating hardware for the time, dubbed "growth motion object hardware" by Namco/Atari. The game was designed and engineered by Namco, and distributed in the US by Atari.

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Assault screen shot Member Ratings / Comments

***** by thatsthebadger. Comment: "As far as any games i have ever played go this has to rate as my favourite. The idea of using two joysticks to control the tank was genius. the way the tank could roll side to side was brilliant. Graphics are not breathtaking but the game play is mind blowing and this game just proves it. I was hooked from the first moment. Any one who knows where this game can be purchased please contact the" 2003-01-24 12:02:05Z

***** by bombjack4. Comment: "I love this videogame.It came out in 1988 which was sort of getting near the end of smart game innovation in my opinion.I mean just look at some of the games that came out in the 1980's,There was a lot more thought and care put into the gameplay design.Graphics werent the most important thing.Assault's tank game control is beautiful.The games difficulty is perfectly balanced allowing the player to get just a little bit further each time.I would like to think that developers today could learn from ideas like this instead of churning out the same dull 3D engine over and over again.Could you imagine an ASSAULT 2004 - I would get my money out for that !" 2003-12-26 13:48:33Z

***** by gorclon. Comment: "This is one of my all time most memorable arcade games. 15 years after playing it one (yes once) time when I was 9, I now have it sitting in my living room. Fun gameplay that won't go out of style. Not flashy by todays standard but fun and challenging. " 2004-12-08 01:05:25Z

***** by oenach. Comment: "When I was a kid the family went to seattle and all I wanted to do there was play this game I found in an arcade. I didn't want to go home! Low and behold they had gotten it in at the local arcade while we were gone and how happy I was! I have been looking around so I can defend my bragging rights when I say I had close to world records on games which I never recorded officially, I remember finishing this one with one quarter and getting upwards of 800,000 points. I found a picture of assault here:" 2005-12-11 13:57:03Z

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