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Released in 1975

Developer: Fungames
Manufacturer: Fungames
Distributor: Fungames

**** (1 total votes)

Game Summary

Two player game mode only. Game play simular to Atari Tank. Timed game.

Game Details

Two player game where you manuver your biplane (one is white, the other black) in a series of loops 9gane is 2D, side view of biplanes all that are seen) to try and shoot down your opponent. The edges of the screen are "protected" by anti-aircraft flack explosions. Touching these explosions causes you to crash and counts for the other players score.

Player with the most points (other player being shot down or hitting the edge of the screen) in a set time limit wins. There are two cloud stickers physically attached to the monitor.

"Maybe" Images

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Biplane Flyer: 1 FrontBiplane Flyer: 2 Back Member Ratings / Comments

**** by EddieTheWild. Comment: "Definitely a funny game !!! I hope somebody tries to emulate it. BTW, the "maybe" images do match the game. " 2004-01-28 20:20:25Z

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