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Warrior (ウォーリア)

Released in 1978

Developer: Cinematronics
Manufacturer: Cinematronics
Distributor: Cinematronics

***.5 (3 total votes)

Game Summary

Two-player sword-fighting game with vector graphics.

Additional Hardware Info (from Mame)

CCPU cpu @ 5 Mhz
* Samples audio
* Information was extracted from Mame, so "Samples audio" may indicate the game has analog sound hardware.

Mame ROMs

warrior, Warrior

Game Details

This was the last game the Cinematronics spin-off company Vectorbeam made.

A two-player only game, Warrior featured a top-down view of two warriors with swords using vector graphics. The play field was a detailed, brightly colored overlay.

Each player used a joystick to move both the warrior. The game was time-limited, and the warrior with the most kills at the end was the winner. A kill was scored with either a series of good sword hits to the opponent, or by an opponent falling into one of the two pits.

Warrior control panel
control panel

Warrior cabinet photo
cabinet photo
Warrior title screen
title screen
Warrior gameplay screen shot
gameplay screen
Warrior promotional flyer
promotional flyer

"Maybe" Images

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Warrior Flyer: 1 FrontWarrior Flyer: 2 Back Member Ratings / Comments

*    by mapiper. Comment: "My very favorite vector game of all time. Brings back sweet memories of a great time in my life. I only wish i could find one! The game was revolutionary for its time, using the screen backdrop the way it did. Awesome." 2003-05-07 21:16:35Z

**** by goat. Comment: "It's very cool. Although the "256 colors" statement isn't true. It's a monochrome vector display with an actual 3D playfield that is lit by blacklight. I found some eproms and piggybacked "Tailgunner" onto the motherboard on my Warrior. The amazing thing about the game is that it has no microprocessor - it's all done in discrete logic! Gary" 2003-07-02 03:16:35Z

***** by spiltmilkUSA. Comment: "This is the most important game of my youth. I played it only once, in a Farrell's Ice Cream Shoppe in San Diego, and I dreamt about it ever since. It took till today to do the web research. HUZZAH! It rules!" 2005-05-23 21:55:41Z

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