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Released in 1983

Developer: Cinematronics
Manufacturer: Cinematronics
Distributor: Cinematronics

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Zzyzzyxx marquee
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Game Summary

Collect gifts for your sweetie and reach her at the top. Known as "Brix" prior to the Cinematronics release.

Additional Hardware Info (from Mame)

Z80 cpu @ 3 Mhz
Z80 cpu @ 1 Mhz
AY-8910 audio @ 1 Mhz

Mame ROMs

zzyzzyxx, Zzyzzyxx (set 1)
brix, Brix
zzyzzyx2, Zzyzzyxx (set 2)

Game Details

You are a green creature named ZZYZZYXX, and you are trying to collect gifts to make your girlfriend, Lola, happy. To get there, you move through twelve conveyer belts with many openings to get to the finish.

Trying to keep you from getting to Lola are those annoying Rattifers, weird creatures who move from opening to opening and stalk ZZYZZYXX.

When you push a button, ZZYZZYXX is encased in a wall that can protect him temporarily, but ZZYZZYXX must move to a new opening before he moves out automatically... and into the waiting arms of a Rattifer. Also, when ZZYZZYXX builds a wall, that wall stays built until the level is complete. You cannot build a wall if there is only one opening in that particular row.

When ZZYZZYXX grabs a helmet, he can do one of two things: 1) He can break a new opening in a row, or 2) he can trap a Rattifer by thrusting or pulling back on the controller. The Rattifer will be trapped for 10 seconds, giving you ample time for you to escape.

When ZZYZZYXX collects gifts, he scores points, starting at 100 points for the first gift, all the way up to 800 points for the eighth gift. When ZZYZZYXX has collected enough gifts, Lola will jump up and down. Take the gifts to Lola, who is situated in the top of the screen. Doing so will give you bonus points.

The Bonus Points System:

Level 1: 250 points per gift (2000 pt. maximum)
Level 2: 500 " " " (4000 pt. ")
Level 3: 1000  " " (8000 " " ")
Level 4: 2500  " " (20,000 " ")
Level 5: 4500  " " (36,000 " ")
Level 6: ????

In each level, ZZYZZYXX must succeed in giving the gifts to Lola a certain number of times. In Levels 1 and 2, ZZYZZYXX must complete two laps. Later levels require three laps. If ZZYZZYXX loses a life, he must start from lap 1.

ZZYZZYXX starts with three lives and earns extra lives at 10,000 and 50,000 points.

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cabinet photo
Zzyzzyxx title screen
title screen
Zzyzzyxx gameplay screen shot
gameplay screen
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