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Submarine (サブマリン)

Released in 1979

Developer: Bally / Midway
Manufacturer: Bally / Midway
Distributor: Bally / Midway

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Game Summary

This is a mechanically controlled game, possibly built before pong. Produced by Namco (as marked on case). The object of the game is to aim through the periscope and shoot torpedoes at ships moving back and forth in the ocean.

Hardware Platform

Midway Electromechanical

Game Details

The game is controlled by rotating the periscope on the front of the case, this moves a mechanical light unit along a track within the machine. The ships are painted with flourescent paint, and are equipped with photo-electric cells to detect the missle (a light that is aimed along the path of where the fired torpedo would be).

Various lighting effects are used in the machine to produce the various effects like a passing sky, waves on the water, etc. The torpedo is a pivoting light mounted on a track, and is controlled by input through the periscope. The display is in the form of a mirror that pivots to simulate the rising and lowering waves of the ocean.

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