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Gran Trak 10 (グランドトラック10(GT-X))

Released in 1974

Developer: Kee
Manufacturer: Atari
Distributor: Atari

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Game Summary

race against the clock

Hardware Platform

Flip flops & gates

Game Details

From the operator's manual:
General and Warranty
Gran Trak 10 is a coin operated video amusement device which simulates the experience of driving a high speed race car around a difficult track. All the machine controls (steering, gear shift, accelerator and brakes) behave like those of a real car.

The Electronics of this game are solid state for long life and low maintenance. The mechanical assembles (steering, gear shifter and pedals) have been designed modularly for easy removal and servicing...."

Game Sequence
The controls of the machine and the movement of the car image simulate those of a real car. (in 1974)

Once accelerated, the car becomes increasingly difficult to stop the faster the car is moving.

Turning the steering wheel causes the car to turn in the direction of rotation. The car will turn only while the steering wheel is being rotated.

The gear shifter works exactly like that of a real car. use reverse gear to back off of the pylons after a crash. Then shift into first, rotate the steering wheel to turn the car so it will continue in the proper direction and step on the accelerator pedal. Once the engine has revved to its limit, shift into second and once the engine has revved to its limit, shift to third. The speed of the car will climb as you shift through the gears. Keep in mind, though, that the enine will "bog" down if you shift up too fast or start out in the wrong gear (2nd or 3rd).

Both the accelerator and the brakes have only two positions: on or off. when the accelerator is depressed the engine will rev up. Stepping on the brake pedal will bring the car to a screeching halt and if the steering wheel is turned as the brakes are applied, the car will skid realistically.

Points are scored only by passing the course check points in the proper sequence as indicated by the arrows on the CRT. The score is displayed in the pit area next to the game timer.

If the car is driven into any of the pylons, a crash will result (provided that the PCB slide switch, S1, is set to the crash mode position). The crash is accompanied by a crash sound, uncontrolled spinning of the car during which time the car cannot be driven. As soon as the crash sound has ended, shift into first and continue driving the car in the proper direction. The game continues in this fashion until the game timer reaches 0 at which point the controls become "dead" and the machine is reset to the attract mode.

Players are given an indication of their skill by matching their score (points) against the 'rating card' located at the lower right-hand corner of the glass covering the video display. This rating system is based on a game playtime of approximately one minute and forty-five seconds (as adjusted prior to shipment). the rating card reads:

	0 - 10		License Revoked
	11 - 20		Backseat Driver
	21 - 30		Good
	31 - 40		Excellent
	Above 40	Real Pro
If game playtime is readjusted by the operator, this point/rating system is no longer valid and should be changed.

International shipments of Gran Trak 10 are supplied with a blank card on which to copy the above rating card in local languages. Member Ratings / Comments

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