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Dragon's Lair 2: Time Warp (ドラゴンズレア2)

Released in 1991

Developer: LeLand
Manufacturer: LeLand
Distributor: LeLand

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Game Summary

Rescue Princess Daphnie from the Evil Wizard Mordoc.

Hardware Platform


Game Details

Again you are Dirk the Daring. Your wife Daphnie has been kidnapped by the Evil wizard Mordoc, and you go to stop him before he places an evil ring on Daphnie that will steal her away from Dirk forever.

On his way to stop Mordoc, Dirk encounters a time machine that takes Dirk through multiple periods of time in order to rescue Daphine. The game play is the same as the original. A four way controller with an Attack (Sword) button. This game was originally created by Cinematronics, but after its fallout in the 80s, the game was bought by LeLand, who released it in 1991.

All the Animation for the game was complete in the mid 1980s by Bluth and Associates. Member Ratings / Comments

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