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Tail n Nose

Released in 1989

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Game Summary

Top-down Formula 1 racing game where the track rotates instead of the car.

Game Details

Unnoficial game, which explains the strange spellings of the drivers in the championship line-up. Has multi-link up capabilities for up to four machines i think, uses a strange chipset called 'V-System', but no copyright notices/years appear in-game, obviously to avoid legal issues. Game originates from the Far East as far as i can tell because an Asian bikini-clad girl holds up the starting positions card. It's most likely that some small manufacturer in the Far-East created it and could not afford real name copyrights so they changed it all slightly. The line up for the drivers is roughly the 1989 season where Ayrton Senna (Deceased) appears... Member Ratings / Comments

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