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Time Traveler (タイムトラベラー)

Released in 1991

Developer: Sega
Manufacturer: Sega
Distributor: Sega

**** (4 total votes)

Game Summary

You are a cowboy who goes through time to destroy the Evil Scientist and Rescue the Princess to save the Universe.

Game Details

You are Cowboy Marshall Gram, who finds himself going through time to stop the Evil Scientist Balcor, and to save the Princess Kyla. You go through multiple phases of time from the past to future fighting off who you meet along the way. You have a "Time Reversal Cube" that allows you to replay a level without entering more credits. You can "buy" more Cubes during certain parts of the game but entering more credits. This Laserdisc Game is unique in that it uses a Parabolic Mirror for its display to create a Hologram Effect for the game. Although Technically Amazing, the game never caught on to the general public.

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Time Traveler cabinet Member Ratings / Comments

**** by jnimark. Comment: "This was a game way ahead of it's time. The holographic effect was incredible even to today's standards. Although it was a little difficult to get the timing right in the game, it is just fun to play!" 2000-09-01 22:02:08Z

**** by Reinen. Comment: "Agreed. Apparently it made a fortune due to the design/structure of the game. You just *HAD* to put your money in and give it a shot. True, the average newbie player lasted about 10 seconds. You could buy more and more credit (I think) by just literally piling in the coins. Fascinating game." 2003-02-15 19:19:40Z

***** by weskm. Comment: "I just bought one of these for my Personal Arcade. On the above comments about you could just keep putting money in. Actually you could by 'Reversal Cubes' from the 'Trader', A Hot Babe that as you added the coin would moan. The Time Reversal cube would brifly rewind the game so you could reattempt the spot in the game that got you killed. Game had a conversion option to also be a Karate Game called Holloseum." 2003-11-06 08:49:59Z

***  by sdrey. Comment: "Anyone know where I can purchase a working machine?" 2006-08-30 18:05:44Z

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