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China Gate (中華大仙?)

Released in 1988

Developer: Romstar
Manufacturer: Romstar
Distributor: Romstar

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Game Summary

You (and optional teamate) choose 1 of 3 characters, battle many different enemies with different abilities, and beat various bosses. The goal is to retrieve a book which the enemies have stolen from your master (as you see in the attract screens).

Game Details

This is a very fun game if you are into the action/adventure style genre. It has a feudal Japan/samurai theme with the settings, and the characters. The animations are cartoon like, and the play control is tight. You can learn and easily execute many of the different moves. It is easy enough to learn the game play right away, but it also has some more advanced moves that may take a little longer to master. You scroll through the levels mainly by jumping upward from platform to platform as well as by moving from side to side. It's a very open playing field and there is no set destination point. The bosses appear once you have defeated a certain ammount of enemy foot soldiers in each level. Although it is an entertaining game overall, the game play never really changes from level to level, and there could've been a lot more thought put into the enemy charaters (many of the bosses and soldiers "reappear" to do battle again in later levels), but it's a very short and simple game (only five levels).

This game never really caught on. Most people have never even heard about it. We haven't seen a ROM posted anywhere available for download. Member Ratings / Comments

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