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Cobra Command (サンダーストーム)

Released in 1984

Developer: Data East
Manufacturer: Data East
Distributor: Data East

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Game Summary

Standard scrolling shooter. Fly your helicopter and wipe out round after round of bad guys while picking up powerups.

Hardware Platform

Data East Laser Disc

Game Details

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*    by MC68000. Comment: "I have the boards, and Laserdisk for this game! (but unfortuneatly, not the Sony LP 1000 LD player). It was a Data Dast / Sony laserdisk game, using the same hardware as "Bega's Battle" (Cobra command was sold as a conversion kit for the cabinet). The game played much like Dragons Lair, using sound, and visual cues to make moves, except that it was a helicoptor battle game. The game is also known as "LHX Thunderstorm" (an alternate title sequence is on the LD). The controlls consisted of an 8-way trigger Joystick, and was for 1, or 2 players. While the LD sound was excelent, the CPU generated sounds were a bit lame. The animation for the game was done by Toei Animation (The same animation company that did Dragonball Z). I belive that Data East also made kits for Mylstars, Cinematronics, and Sega LD games (using their existing hardware)," 2004-04-28 01:37:22Z

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