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Crime City (クライムシティー)

Released in 1989

Developer: Taito
Manufacturer: Taito
Distributor: Taito

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Game Summary

Classic-style walk-and-shoot, similar to E-Swat and Shinobi. Assume the role of two cops and go out stopping bank robberies, saving the kidnapped, and all that other good stuff cops do.

Hardware Platform

Taito B System

Game Details

Crime City is a decent side-scrolling action game where one or two players take on a variety of terrorists, bank robbers, etc. with lots and lots of bullets.

The gameplay is similar to the stages in Sega's E-Swat before you get your power armor (but more fun).

Graphics are average for this type of game, and the music is actually quite catchy. The most memorable stage is one where you jump from car to car on the freeway (sure, it's implausible, but it was cool!). Of course, the intro, which proclaims "WE'RE THE SUPREME LAW! LET'S CRUSH OUT THE CRIME!" was memorable too! Member Ratings / Comments

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